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AquaCal Heat Pumps

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/16/2020

AquaCal Heat Pumps

Why Choose an AquaCal Heat Pump?

AquaCal is the largest manufacturer of pool heat pumps in the entire world. They’ve been in business for more than 35 years and have been pioneers while holding patents and being responsible for many technological breakthroughs. AquaCal has manufactured more than 275,00 swimming pool heat pumps, all in the United States, setting the standard for the industry in reliability, technology, and performance.

AquaCal is completely committed to quality. This is illustrated through their dedication to research and development as well as 100% testing every unit before it departs the factory. All products also come with an unbeatable warranty helping assure you that you’ve selected the best heat pump money can buy. AquaCal has a commitment to excellence and values all of their customers.

They manufacture the absolute quietest units on the market. The SuperQuiet adds no noise to the equipment pad, and at 10 feet away you can’t hear it running at all, it’s virtually silent. Utilizing a heat pump gives you the ability to heat a pool for about 25% of the cost of heating it with gas. This provides better ability to heat your pool for the entire swim season and not just as is needed. The heat pumps that AquaCal produce have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years so you can heat your pool rain or shine and worry free as well as they virtually have no effect on your carbon footprint.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump does not actually burn energy to create heat. It only relies on a small amount of that energy to transfer free heat from the surrounding air to your pool water. Essentially, a heat pump is a mechanical solar energy collector.

The fan draws air through the evaporator, an incredible 85% of the heat that goes into your pool is collected here. The air that is cooled down is then ejected out of the top of the machine. Located on the front of the machine, there’s a port where the cooler pool water comes in and another port where the warmer water leaves and goes back into the pool.

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How a Heat Pump Works How a Heat Pump Works

Why Should I Heat My Pool?

There’re many benefits of heating your pool. These include maximizing the enjoyment of your swimming pool investment. Exercise, relax, swim, and entertain in warm water that is comfortable for everybody. Extend pool season, even when there’s a chill in the air. Also, don’t forget about warmer water being good for issue like arthritis, and muscle aches, etc. Using a heat pump gets you more quality time with family and friends overall. Who wouldn’t want that?

How Can AquaCal Heat Pumps Help You?

AquaCal uses their patented ThermoLink® Heat Exchanger to reduce the cost of operation by reducing the resistance to flow. Don’t be tricked by heat pumps that have a lower initial purchase price as they typically have significantly higher operating costs eliminating that price difference fairly quickly. These AquaCal heat pumps take advantage of using a variable speed pool pump by reducing the RPMs needed to achieve the same flow rate (pump affinity laws). The heat exchanger actually allows AquaCal heat pumps to operate on speeds as low as 1560 RPM compared to other pumps who have to run over 2350. This truly is a significant reduction, saving the pool owner anywhere from $25 to $94 per month when a variable speed pump is being used.

Product Recommendations

Our team at E-Z Test Pool Supplies recommends the following three AquaCal Heat Pumps. We have a full lineup for sale on our website as well as at our 3 retail locations.


The SuperQuiet SQ125 has been redesigned and comes with all of the wonderful standard features an AquaCal has. The ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger makes the unit a stand out along with corrosion proof cabinets, microprocessor controls, off-set plumbing, louvered side panels, impact resistant, flip-out control panel protecting against the elements as well as having the ability to lock the controls so others can’t change the temperature. Self-diagnostics, a patented counter-flow water management system and a lifetime warranty.

AquaCal SQ125

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The SuperQuiet SQ145 includes all of the standard features. It utilizes the ThermoLink patented Titanium Heat Exchanger making this unit extremely efficient that’s built to last. It has corrosion proof cabinets, microprocessor controls, a scroll compressor helping with quiet operation as well as off-set plumbing. Louvered side panels protect the evaporator coil and ensure efficient air flow. The unit is rust and fade proof while also being impact resistant. There’s a built-in drain pain helping to manage condensation and an Air Flow Vectoring Top which helps to protect the internal components from debris and weather. The control panels can also lock ensuring that no one else is able to change settings or the desired temperature. The unit has the ability to run self-diagnostics, has a counter-flow water management system and comes with a great lifetime warranty.

AquaCal SQ145

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The newly redesigned SuperQuiet SQ225 comes with many standard features including the patented ThermoLink Heat Exchanger which really makes this unit a stand out performer. Coming with corrosion proof cabinets, a scroll compressor for quiet operation, microprocessor controls, and offset plumbing. The heat pump is capable of self-diagnostics with a display that’s easy to read and flips in and out for protection against the weather. This control panel also is lockable so unauthorized people can change the settings or temperature. Louvered side panels assist in protecting the evaporator coil ensuring efficient air flow. The whole thing is rust and fade proof along with being impact resistant. Also coming standard is a built-in drain pan and an Air Flow Vectoring Top that protects internal components from weather and debris while ensuring optimal air flow.

We would be happy to help with any questions or to make further product recommendations. Contact Us Here or visit one of our three retail locations today!

AquaCal SQ225

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