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Can Minerals Lower My Chlorine Usage?

Published by Matt Fichera on 02/25/2022

Can Minerals Lower My Chlorine Usage?

Chlorine Shortage 2022: Using Minerals to Lower Your Pool’s Chlorine

The ongoing chlorine shortage has pool and spa owners looking for ways to lower chlorine usage as the cost of chlorine tablets and other forms of chlorine continue to increase in price and decrease in availability. Shortages and pricing increases over recent seasons have made the term “chlorine alternatives” become more mainstream as the pool owner’s quest for lowering chlorine use and saving on the bottom line continues. Adding mineral sanitizers into your pool water treatment plan will soften the water, lower chlorine use, and reduce chemical costs overall.

Mineral sanitizers are a great way for chlorine levels to be safely reduced as copper and silver help handle and control bacteria and algae growth while also being easy to maintain. Silver has antibacterial properties and copper is known as a great algaecide as well. Other minerals have also been relied upon such as zinc which also has antibacterial properties and limestone which absorbs chlorine acid while maintaining a more neutral and stable pH level for the pool water.

Did you know that making minerals a regular part of your pool optimization routine can reduce chlorine usage by up to 50%! This type of reduction is considerable, especially during the continued chlorine shortage. Many popular mineral products use some kind of mineral cartridge that lasts for a given amount of time depending on use and how well you are caring for your pool water. The combination of silver and copper is key to fighting both algae and bacteria.

A typical pool uses chlorine that’s in a range of 1-3 ppm but for pool owners that utilize mineral systems, you can lower your chlorine ppm level down to .5 ppm. There certainly are reasons other than the chlorine shortage to decide to treat your pool with minerals. Environmental pollutants, bodily discomfort such as skin and eye irritation, and fading of swimwear are all reasons to reduce chlorine dependency. If there is ever algae bloom you would have to shock the pool but relying on mineral systems that use coppers is proven to control algae, lessening your dependence on chlorine.

Mineral-based sanitization is very cost-effective. The price of replacement cartridges for mineral systems, combined with reduced amounts of chlorine is comparable to that of traditional chlorine costs. Knowing this, it is hard denying that abandoning the constant struggle to maintain chlorine isn’t appealing.

Mineral sanitization is the right choice for all pool owners and our suggestion for a mineral system would be Pool Frog products from King Technology. These systems kill bacteria using minerals and lower levels of chlorine. They are softer on your skin, easier on hair, and virtually eliminate any fading of swimwear. These mineral systems require no touching of the actual chemicals and they dissolve easily in your body of water. Using Frog mineral systems works to soften the water making it more enjoyable and relaxing while also taking the guesswork out of preparing the chemicals and amounts yourself. The Flippin Frog and Flippin Frog XL combine chlorine and minerals into a floating system that actually turns over when it is time to replace the cartridge.

Our team at E-Z Test Pool Supplies would be happy to help you and answer any questions about using minerals in your pool, or other chlorine alternatives.

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