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​Commercial Pool Check-Up

Published by Brooke Sardella on 02/14/2022

​Commercial Pool Check-Up

Many industries are back up and running after the pandemic and the pool industry is fortunately a part of this trend. Commercially owned pools, which were once operating at limited capacity, are expected to see more visitors in times to come. This is great news and also means now is the time to invest in effective supplies and equipment that will make your pool maintenance easy and your guests both safe and happy.

Here at E-Z Test Pool Supplies, we carry an extensive line of commercial pool products such as robotic cleanersvariable speed pumps and commercial pool heaters.

Robotic Cleaners - Maytronics Wave Series

The Maytronics Commercial Wave Series robotic pool cleaners work for you by removing tough dirt and grime quickly and efficiently. These cleaning systems also filter water each hour, making pool water clean and healthy for guests. Coming in a variety of models, there is a robotic cleaner to clean any size pool from an olympic sized lap pool to a condo fountain.

Variable Speed Pumps

Each commercial swimming pool requires a unique flow, which makes variable speed pumps the perfect option. A fixed speed pump is not suitable for multiple processes or varying circumstances. When you have complex and highly variable conditions found at commercial swimming pools, you need the top of the line product. We recommend the Pentair WhisperFlo Variable Speed Pump to keep up with this level of demands.

Safety Covers

The safety and protection of your pool should never be overlooked. A GLI safety cover can be custom made to any size, shape, and configuration, then shipped directly to you! Installing one of these covers ensures that your pool will be safe off-season for children, pets and wildlife. The covers are also UV resistant to prevent algae growth and puncture-resistant to hold up to any storms. Find out more information about GLI safety covers here.

Commercial Pool Heaters

A great pool experience can be what sets apart a high-rated hotel, condominium, or resort from the competition. Hayward commercial pool heaters are a great choice that will keep your customers coming back to the comforting experience of swimming in a luxuriously warm pool.

Pool equipment wears out over time, especially when it sits idle, such as during the recent pandemic. Equipment that has sat idle runs the risk of failing and compromising your pool system when you need it most. With the expected rise in capacity for many hotels, resorts and recreation areas, operating budgets will be on the rise too, giving you the means to invest in new equipment. E-Z Test Pool Supplies is your one-stop-shop for commercial pool equipment and our team of experts are here to help guide you in the right direction when creating a successful pool experience!