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Comparing Chlorine Tablets

Published by Matt Fichera on Dec 27 2019

Comparing Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets allow you to go longer between adding chlorine to the pool. Before the creation of tablets, granular chlorine needed to be added daily. To reduce the amount of time spent on pool maintenance, pool chemical manufacturers created chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets are a sanitizer that kills bacteria. They contain cyanuric acid “stabilizer” to act as “sunscreen” to help slow down chlorine burn off. Chlorine tabs are slow release minimizing testing and pool maintenance. There are several ways of adding chlorine to you swimming pool. These are: through the skimmer basket, use of a floating chlorinator, or by using an in line or off line chlorinator.

We’re showcasing three separate chlorine tab brands. These are:

OnGuard Chlorine Tabs

Basic / Traditional Chlorine Tab

3” Slow Dissolving Tablet

1 Tab treats 2,500 Gallons of Pool Water.

99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione

GLB Triple Tab 3 in 1

84% available chlorine

2 Tabs treats 10,000 gallons of pool water.

Contains copper sulfate to kill algae.

Stabilized for extended chlorine life.

Sanitizes and controls bacteria.

BioGuard SilkGuard

2 Sticks or Tabs treat 10,000 gallons per week.

Greater algae prevention by adding algae-killing crystals.

Prevents metal staining and corrosion.

Softer-feeling water using SilkGuard technology.

Long-life thanks to SmartGuard technology.

Chlorine tabs / sticks only dissolve when water is running over them.

Chlorine Tablets: Here’s the math

Although these tabs vary in price, when you do the math you actually find hidden value. For example: A swimming pool with 17,500 gallons would, on average, in the northeast would require: 7 chlorine tablets per week or 1 tablet per 2,500 gallons. Using GLB or SilkGuard Complete with the same 17,500 would require only 3.5 tabs per week. So, with this in mind, if a pool season is 26 weeks: 7 x 26 weeks = 182 tabs and 3.5 x 26 weeks = 91 tabs. Although GLB and BioGuard cost more money they are a better value to you, the consumer.