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Dolphin C5 Commercial Pool Cleaner

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/30/2019

Dolphin C5 Commercial Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin C5 is set to handle cleaning pools up to 82 feet long and 16 feet wide. It filters an amazing 4,233 gallons of water per hour and has preset cycle times of 4 (quick), 6 (standard), and 8 (enhanced) hours depending on the status of the pool. The C5 has a patented tangle-free cord measuring 98’ in length helping to truly make this Dolphin robot “plug and “play”. It includes a Pro remote control to direct spot cleans for any problem areas, a digital power supply, and a LED full bag cart and sensor.

This commercial pool cleaner delivers the goods while not compromising on any commercial pool cleaning demands.  The C5 brings powerful performance and combines it with top of the line features including a large self-contained inner filter bag that collects dirt, debris & even dust particles. Included is a caddy for easily mobility and storage along with a 24-month warranty. Clean your pool overnight reducing dedicated man hours that had previously involved pool maintenance and cleaning. Utilizing the C5 is fast and efficient while eliminating pool downtime having to do with cleaning and keeping your guests happy.

For the maximum in maneuverability and cleaning performance, CleverClean partners with an internal gyroscope delivering accurate and effective scanning for systematic cleaning and complete pool coverage. Two split brushes create the friction needed to remove leaves, dirt and debris on the floor, walls and waterline - leaving your pool sparkling clean. Enhance water quality. Fine (90µ) and ultra-fine (50µ), high-capacity filtration bags circulate thousands of gallons of water per hour, capturing dirt, dust and anything else.

The Dolphin C Series brings an automatic cleaning solution to the forefront for every commercial pool size. They have specifically engineered their line of cleaners to include several options & price points that make them a perfect fit for all applications.