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Dolphin M600

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 07/10/2019

Dolphin M600

The M 600 is the most complete robotic pool cleaner that Dolphin has crafted so far. It makes keeping up with the cleanliness of your swimming pool a piece of cake as you spend more time having fun and less time-wasting energy and being hassled with a dirty pool.

This pool cleaner is engineered for maximum cleaning performance, is easy to handle, is connected to the cloud for maximum interaction and so much more. Maytronics/Dolphin touts this release as the best that they have ever brought into the market. It prides itself on being extremely user friendly and very easy to operate and handle. The MyDolphin app is expertly placed in the power supply helping to ensure that you always have the access that you need from anywhere, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the Cloud connection.  The M 600 surely helps in shouldering some of the responsibility of pool ownership.

The robot operates on a dual-drive Powerstream system helping it be super-fast and really maneuverable. This unit has an accurate navigation system with a gyroscope, a pick-up module, an included storage caddy, and an amazing 3-year warranty. The on-board computer automatically indicates when the filter basket is full and needs to be cleaned. You can also view the cleaning history and request other additional information from the easy to use display.

This cleaner makes quick work of the pool floor, the water line, and all of the walls with not a problem in the world. You can remain worry free from tangles with a swivel attached to the power cord helping avoid any potential tie ups and assuring that you can use the full length of power cord as is needed.  The M 600 is equipped with 4 different cleaning programs and a unique brushing system for better all-around performance.

The 4 cleaning programs that are on-board are:

Fast: quick cleaning cycle.

Standard: a standard cleaning of all surfaces including the waterline.

Floor Only: cleans the floor only.

Ultra-Clean: advanced cleaning program for a very thorough and complete pool cleaning job.

The M 600 is so sophisticated that it actually has a built-in module that instructs the unit to climb to the surface of the water all by itself which makes it even easier to take the robot out of the water. There’s also a fast water release so as you are picking it up, the water is discharging and making it easier overall to lift out of the pool.

The powerful M 600 is equipped with an on-board timer that can be set for predetermined pool cleaning dates and times which start automatically. These automation settings include options for cleanings setup: daily, every other day, or every 3 days and can be changed as is needed. Coming with the unit, is a caddy for easy storage wherever you desire

This vehicle can make quick turn and glides effortlessly over the floor of your swimming pool. Thanks to its dual drive Powerstream, suction power has drastically improved when compared to previous models. This increased suction power, enables the robot to scale walls for more efficient cleaning.

Expertly scanning the swimming pool has been taken to a whole different level. The Advanced CleverClean Scanning System scans the entire swimming pool and calculates the most efficient route for the vehicle to take. This system, along with the previously mentioned gyroscope help to ensure that the robot does not lose any cleaning time getting hung up on obstacles, trapped in corners, or get in trouble negotiating slopes.

When it comes to cleaning, the Dual active scrubbing feature is front and center. This means that the robot has 2 brushes located at both the front and at the rear (4 total). A really neat thing is that these brushes spin twice as fast as the vehicle goes and they work in opposite directions allowing maximum cleaning ability at any given time. Of course, with this much cleaning going on there needs to be a larger filter capacity and the  M 600 delivers. More dirt and debris are captured in the filter cartridge while the combination of both the extra-fine and the coarse filter cartridges work wonders as a multi-layered system. What this basically means is that the cleaning unit can get rid of things like dirt, insects, twigs, and other larger items while at the same time sucking up all of the fine dirt and sand particles. The M 600 works in all seasons and avoids all blockages because of this new innovative system.

The M 600 robot is part of our Dolphin brick and mortar series and is only available for purchase in one of our  three retail stores. We do however offer a full line of Dolphin/Maytronics robots that can be purchased in our online store. Please  contact us here or give us a call for any questions that you may have. We appreciate your interest.