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Dolphin Nautilus with CleverClean 99996113-US

Published by Matt Fichera on 06/26/2020

Dolphin Nautilus with CleverClean 99996113-US

The Dolphin Nautilus cleans your pool’s floor and walls while providing exceptional scrubbing and filtering capabilities. This pool cleaner is ideal for pools measuring up to 40 feet in length. The robot is very lightweight coming in at only 13 pounds. Included with purchase is a cartridge that’s easy to clean and can capture large and fine debris with ease.

A great feature of the Nautilus with CleverClean is the onboard Active Scrubbing Brush. The brush spins at a rate that’s double that of the pool cleaner contributing to its effectiveness with maximum scrubbing and cleaning. A deep scrub stands out from the pack as many competitor’s robots simply skim the pool’s floor.

Like many robotic pool cleaners of today, the Nautilus is plug-n-play. All you have to do is plug it in to a power source, push the start button, and it’s off and running. No pre-installation, no training, no connecting to your pool systems. Utilizing CleverClean, the robot scans the pool and assembles the most optimal route to get to a completed job as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is totally different than the competition’s robots that drive around the bottom of the pool aimlessly.

The Nautilus has a filter which is accessed from the top of the vehicle. The filter consists of a fine basket providing room for the robot to store 400 square inches of debris while it’s operating. This robot has a 50-foot cable with anti-tangle software, a programmable weekly timer, and a 2-hour cleaning cycle. The Nautilus does not have Bluetooth capabilities and the caddy is sold separately if you chose to purchase one.

Nautilus is over eight times more energy efficient than pressure and suction cleaners and costs 5 cents per hour to operate on average. The Nautilus has a warranty on parts and labor for 1 year. The Dolphin Nautilus is reliable, easy to use, and expertly cleans your pool to a shine all year long. 

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