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Enjoy Opening / Closing Kits and Why You Should Use Them

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 07/09/2019

Enjoy Opening / Closing Kits and Why You Should Use Them

Introducing Enjoy Opening and Closing kits! This multi-functional product created by the N. Jonas company is shipped in a small box that’s convenient and easy to handle. The kit includes two 1lb. bags of Super Zappit shock, one quart of Enjoy Algaecide 30, and one quart of Enjoy Stain and Scale. It’s very simple to use in that all you have to do is literally dump all of the contents of the box into the pool water, let the pump run for a solid 24 hours and take a water sample to your local pool store for analysis.

This kit is for use in pools up to 20,000 gallons which encompasses most above ground pools and some smaller ingrounds. The Super Zappit shock lives up to its name as it’s super potent and stronger than most coming in at 73% calcium hypochlorite. It does one heck of a job killing bacteria, controlling algae, destroying organic components, and with no need to pre-dissolve, it restores a crystal clarity to pool water. One pound of this “super shock” tackles an amazing 16,500 gallons of water.

The Algaecide 30 is effective against green, black, and mustard algae. It has a poly-based algaecide that is 30% of the poly ingredient that will not foam, cause no discoloration, no staining, and doesn’t contain any metals. Using this product may also lower your need to use other things such as chlorine.

The Stain & Scale Preventer does really well at preventing metallic stains while eliminating brown or green water that’s due to metals being in the water. It works by deactivating the minerals that are commonly found in pool water such as calcium, manganese, iron, and copper which can be the root cause of discolored water, staining, scaling, and corrosion. It’s good to use when water is first being put in the pool or the pool is being opened for the season. After this, it may be good to add some periodically for maintenance and allowed to mix with the pump on for at least 24 hours.

Sometimes it can be very easy to not care about water quality when you are closing up your pool. But this can also be important as the quality of the water will stay pretty darn good over the winter months. It is in your best interests to put away “good water” so it will be less of a hassle come spring. Another great thing is that the product helps combat metals in the water that you would get from having your pool water exposed to weather such as rain and snow.

This product works with both solid pools covers as well as mesh covers. When the clean and treated pool water freezes, it actually helps repel the elements creating a barrier that will work to your advantage in the spring as the water will be easier to treat.

We have these kits available immediately for sale and would be happy to answer questions.