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Enjoy Pool Care - A Chlorine Alternative That's Easy to Use

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/11/2019

Enjoy Pool Care - A Chlorine Alternative That's Easy to Use

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Enjoy Pool Care is a very easy to use 2 step monthly process that uses 80% less chlorine making it a great alternative to the more traditional chlorine sanitization. The kit is conveniently available in 5 different sizes which are based on the number of gallons of water that are in your pool. It’s perfect for worry-free swimming pool water treatment.

Available kit sizes include: 10 thousand gallons, 15 thousand gallons, 20 thousand gallons, 25 thousand gallons, and 30 thousand gallons. You may ask, “What if I have a pool size in between, like a 27” Round that’s approximately 18 thousand gallons, what would I do?” This size pool would fit in between kit sizes so you would always choose the higher kit nearest to your size. So in this case you would use the 20,000 gallon kit. There really is a box that can accommodate any size pool.

The kit consists of silver briquettes which are a passive sanitizer in that they work to keep the water clean and clear during daily usage. They are dissolved in the skimmer and last an entire month. The other component are packets of a product called “Once a Week” which is designed for weekly use that works to oxidize any buildup from the pool being used.

The contents of the kit never changes, only the amounts of the two products do, hopefully this minimizes confusion over the different steps.

The 10 Thousand Gallon Enjoy Kit comes with 2 silver briquettes and 4 bags of 1 and a half pounds of once a week. These are used weekly for four weeks.

The 15 Thousand Gallon Enjoy Kit comes with 3 silver briquettes and 4 once a week canisters weighing in at 2 and a quarter pounds each. These are used over the course of the four weeks

The 20 Thousand Gallon Enjoy Kit comes with 4 silver briquettes and 8 bags of Once a Week. You will use 2 1 and a half pound bags over the course of 4 weeks

The 25 Thousand Gallon Enjoy Kit comes with 5 silver briquettes 4 2 and a quarter pound canisters of once a week and 4 1 and a half pound bags of once a week. You will use one bag of each over the course of 4 weeks for a total of 8 portions of once a week

The 30 Thousand Gallon Enjoy Kit comes with 6 silver briquettes and 12 1 and a half pound bags of once a week. 3 of these bags will be used weekly over the course of 4 weeks.

Let the filter run for 24 hours and by this time the briquettes will have dissolved. The following week you would need to add 2 more bags of once a week into the skimmer, the following week two more bags to the skimmer and then the last week add the last two bags. Each week you should make sure that the pool filter is running while you add the product. At this time, your month supply of Enjoy would be consumed and it would be time to purchase again or open another box. Many people decide to purchase several cases at a time for example, in the summer months, this way they never run out and never forget to order more.

Because the Enjoy system uses 80% less chlorine, it is deemed more natural and some people prefer it as it’s softer on the skin while remaining a very effective pool water sanitizer.

With the Enjoy system, you don’t have to always be adding tablets to the chlorinator or the floater, all that needs to happen is to let those silver briquettes dissolve and remember to add the weekly amount of Once a Week and you are good to go for an entire month. Following these instructions will see you spending less time caring for your pool and more time relaxing in it.

Just a friendly reminder that regular users of Enjoy will still have to balance their pools for such things as pH and alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

Available for Purchase: