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Get Your Spa Autumn Ready

Published by Brooke Sardella on 09/22/2022

Get Your Spa Autumn Ready

Fall is perfect hot tub season! When your pool is too cold and closed for the upcoming winter, you can still enjoy a great soak in the crisp air. There is nothing better! If you’ve had your hot tub open this summer it is time to give it some extra love moving into this new season.

Deep Cleaning

Your hot tub probably saw a lot of sunscreen, bug spray and other oils this summer and the water could use a refresh. You will want to drain your tub entirely, so you can give it a deep cleaning. With your tub drained, clean it starting from the top down. Be sure to use a soap-free cleaning solution made for hot tubs, or else you could end up with residue on your walls and sudsy water when you refill. Rinse, drain and refill your tub with clean water to enjoy though the Fall!


Don’t forget to test your water! This is always our #1 recommendation because testing and balancing your water really is the most important step to maintain your hot tub and pool, too!

Check your Filter

After every season, it is a great idea to clean or change your filter. Most hot tub filters can last 2-5 years with proper care, but with constant use that time span can become much shorter. Take out your filter and inspect it for any damage or overuse. If your filter looks good, just give it a quick rinse and then reinstall it. If you need a new filter, you can find one with us here!

Cover Up

In many parts of the country, Fall means leaves! Making sure your cover works properly will make sure you won’t have to constantly clean falling leaves out of your hot tub as well as seasonal pollen, bugs, etc. Check the sealing as well for any cracks, as having a well sealed cover will help keep your spa warm and lower your energy costs during the colder season.

If you run into any trouble along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want to make sure you get the most out of your backyard oasis. If you’re like us here at E-Z Test, you love the outdoors, which is why we find every excuse to stay in our pools and spas as long as possible! So, when the summer sun sinks low, its into the hot tub we go!