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Hayward 1.85HP 230V TriStar Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump (W3SP3202VSP)

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/11/2021

Hayward 1.85HP 230V TriStar Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump (W3SP3202VSP)

Swimming pool pumps are becoming more and more energy efficient reducing expenses and saving on energy in the process. Hayward is proud to make the most energy efficient variable speed pumps on the market today. They feature a TriStar VS 1.85 HP pump that when installed, can save you up to 90% on energy costs annually when compared to a single speed pump. This can be a savings approaching $1500 annually and possibly even more when combined with local and state rebates that can possibly be given upon initial purchase. Investing in a variable speed pump such as a Hayward Tristar, pays for itself very quickly and really is the perfect fit in every possible way.

This Hayward TriStar has a motor that is totally enclosed and fan cooled which delivers energy efficiency and maximum reliability. Hayward variable speed pumps are known for their quiet operation and these TriStar models hardly make any noise at all.

Because it operates efficiently at lower horsepower, TriStar VS is the ideal upgrade for most high-performance pumps up to 1.5 HP full rate or 2 HP up rate, paying for itself faster than larger, more expensive VS models. It’s ideal for use with inground pool and spa combinations as well as in conjunction with water features such as fountains or waterfalls. Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) for 115V = 12.9 and 230V = 8.3. The higher the WEF, the more efficient the pump.

A major highlight of variable speed pumps is the ability to program speeds depending on you and your family’s schedule. The 1.85 HP has a speed range of 600 to 3450 RPM with an integrated digital interface which is programmable and operates on a 24-hour clock with up to 8 custom timer functions. Also included are on-board diagnostics and auto protection for things like priming failures, voltage fluctuations, and temperature extremes.

The digital touchpad has the ability to be mounted in four separate ways and also could be mounted on the wall if needed or desired. This type of flexibility allows for the pump to fit on varying size pads and storage places but still be accessed quickly and easily. Side and rear ports are also available supporting both high and low voltage making installation easy. Also on the rise in popularity is automation systems and Hayward variable speed pool pumps operate both within Hayward’s own automation or as a part of another system available on the market.

The TriStar variable speed pumps all utilize an extra large basked that you can see into. This helps with the removal of pesky debris like grass, leaves, or mulch. Having an extra-large basket also helps to increase the time between emptying and cleaning of the basket.

The Hayward TriStar has dual voltage capabilities, two pump base options, and CPVC union connection of 2” and 2.5”. It’s very easy to install on new and existing pools and doesn’t require rewiring which can sometimes be costly. This 1.85 HP pump comes standard with a 1-year warranty

Hayward 1.85HP 230V TriStar Variable Speed Pool Pump, W3SP3202VSP

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Hayward 1.85HP 230V TriStar Variable Speed Pool Pump, W3SP3202VSP