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Hayward Aquanaut Pool Cleaners

Published by Matt Fichera on 06/21/2021

Hayward Aquanaut Pool Cleaners

The Hayward Aquanaut  200 and 400 suction side pool cleaners deliver a clean pool 100% of the time. Regardless of pool type, surface type, depth, or dimensions, the Aquanaut never misses an inch. What is a suction side pool cleaner, and how does it differ from other cleaner types? Read our blog here:

The most complete clean is within reach with Hayward’s patented V-Flex Technology. This technology consists of self-adjusting variable vanes that maximize power while virtually eliminating clogs. This technology works to create suction power at a constant rate, even while at a lower flow like with a variable speed pump. This is one of the Aquanaut’s keys to a clean pool every single time.

The 400 delivers 4-wheel drive power, traction, and stability while the rugged tires provide superior climbing power, dependable traction and stability that supports end to end pool cleaning under all conditions. It even is able to navigate larger obstacles such as main drains.

Efficiency and optimization are a big focus as these cleaners have multiple pre-programmed internal steering sequences ensuring both the shallow and deep ends are reached including the walls. Servicing and maintenance are both easy and routine and the aquanaut comes with a 2-year warranty as well.

The Hayward Aquanaut has an adjustable roller skirt maintaining optimal suction even on surfaces that are uneven. There’s three interchangeable pieces called “throats” that are secured at the unit’s suction opening. These parts improve debris passage and suction performance while maintaining power in the deeper ends of pools.

The three throat types are the following:

  • Small Throat: Better suction at a lower flow rate. Useful with variable speed pumps at lower speeds.
  • Medium Throat: This is the default. Meant for almost all average filtration systems.
  • Large Throat: For better suction with higher flow rate and larger pump. Good for use with variable speed pumps at higher speeds.

User Manual

User Manual