How to Deep Clean a Pool or Spa Filter Cartridge

Posted by Matt Fichera on Oct 5 2020

How to Deep Clean a Pool or Spa Filter Cartridge

If you suspect that your swimming pool or spa cartridge filter isn’t running as efficiently as it should be or you see that your pool or spa is cloudy all of the time then it may be time to clean your filter cartridge.

Cartridge Renu is a product that gets the cleaning process done quickly and efficiently. This solution can be used with both DE filter grids and filter cartridges. It works extremely well in getting rid of body oils, grease, soap film, DE, dirt, other organics, and general gunk that tend to clog filter system and reduce their efficiencies.

Cartridge Renu is a blend of degreasers and cleaning agents that are specially formulated to penetrate deeply into any reusable cartridge filter or DE element and remove any materials that have accumulated. Giving the cartridge a thorough rinse and soak allows it to be used again. Regular cleanings will help extend the lifespan of the cartridge.

To use Cartridge Renu, you’ll want to use a plastic or rubber container that is large enough to submerge the entire filter and allow it to soak. The appropriate proportion of solution is 4 ounces of Cartridge Renu for every 1 gallon of water.

When preparing the solution, it’s a good idea to add the water first then add the Cartridge Renu secondly. Doing it this way is important if there is any kind of a splash back at you, its water splashing and not the chemical. Make sure that the cartridge is then completely submerged in the solution and allow it to soak overnight. The next day, remove the cartridge from the solution and rinse thoroughly with a hose.

When the cartridge is out and being rinsed, it’s also a good time to do a visual inspection. If the filter looks good you can place the cartridge back in the filter and resume filtration as is needed.

Cartridge Renu

Cartridge Renu

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