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​How To Extend Your Pool Season

Published by Brooke Sardella on 01/10/2022

​How To Extend Your Pool Season

How Do I Extend My Pool Season?

There is nothing more refreshing than diving into a cool pool on a hot summer day to create lasting memories under the sun. As the days go by and cool air sets in, you may ask yourself "How do I extend my pool season?". Fortunately, there are a few options to choose from to accommodate a variety of pool types and budgets.

Pool Heaters

Pool heaters are your most effective option when it comes to warming up your water. These heaters work in all environments, require very little preparation, and work on-demand. There are even energy-efficient options such as the Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOX. These systems can be powered via propane or natural gas and come in a variety of sizes compatible with your pool. Think of it as a space heater for your pool!

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have been gaining in popularity as a more cost-effective option than traditional heaters. They may have a higher up-front cost, but are more energy-efficient and cost a fraction of heater operation. The heat pump works by transferring heat from the air into the water like an A/C changing air temperature in your home.

The determining factor when choosing a heat pump vs a heater is your climate. If you will use your pool at low temperatures like 50 degrees F, a gas heater will work. It is also possible to have both a heater and a heat pump in your pool. The heater extends the season on both sides and the heat pump warms the pool during operation. So, if you live in a northern climate heat pumps can extend your pool season by weeks or months.

Solar Blanket

Using a solar blanket is a simple and cheap method of heating your pool. It can be used as an insulating layer in tandem with a heater or heat pump or by itself for a minimal effect. The blanket is made of plastic and works like a greenhouse to trap heat from the sun and warm the water - no electricity needed! Blankets can also help keep your pool warm by stopping the wind from stealing warmth and preventing evaporation.

Solar blankets can be a great addition to your pool but will require a solar reel to help you cover and uncover your pool. These solar reels can be purchased in manual or automatic options.

Liquid Solar Blankets

Liquid solar blankets are a low-hassle version of a physical blanket and come in what is called a SolarPill. Just drop the pill into your pool skimmer and a non-toxic biodegradable film will create an invisible layer preventing evaporation and heat loss. Without the manual placement of a traditional blanket, this is a great option for all pool owners with any pool type, including saltwater. Alternatively, we recommend a liquid solar blanket called Therma-Swim which is liquid-based and can be poured directly into your pool.

Enjoy Your Pool All Year Long

Depending on your location, with the help of these methods, you will be able to enjoy your pool for an extended season and possibly all year long! To learn more about heating your pool or spa, check out all articles on Pool Heaters. If you have any questions, our team at EZ Pool & Spa Supply would be happy to assist you.