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Maytronics Dolphin Days - Save Money on Retail Store Robot Models

Published by Matt Fichera on 05/18/2021

Maytronics Dolphin Days - Save Money on Retail Store Robot Models

As summer gets up and running, we usher in the Dolphin Days of Summer with some great rebates on new Maytronics Robotic Pool Cleaners. Depending on what you are in the market for, you could be eligible for as much as a $75 rebate by just following these very easy steps.

Based on your own residential swimming pool needs go ahead and dial in on a cleaner that would work for you. Whether this is through a bit of research, reading reviews, or asking questions. Come on in to an authorized Maytronics Dealer and/or retail store and purchase your new robot. Lastly, make sure you redeem your rebate within 30 days of purchasing your robot.

Selecting your robot is easy and the choice is yours. Start by asking yourself, “how often will we be running the robot?” “do local climate conditions usually dictate needing a robot with some extra cleaning power?”. Another thing to consider is if there’s a good deal of flora, fauna and debris in your neighborhood which may present additional work for you cleaner.

If the climate and local conditions tend to be harsh, your eye may turn to a robot with more power and robust features. Gaining input from your local dealer may also be beneficial in the selection process.

Models that E-Z Test Pool Supplies recommends and that are eligible for the rebate include the following:

M200 Save $25

M400 Save $50

M600 Save $75

To redeem your Dolphin Days of Summer Rebate, you must have purchased your robot at a retail location. Online purchases are not eligible for this program.

Submitting your robot’s information is easy. Visit: and during the process of registering your robot’s serial number, you’ll be able to enter the rebate code and get the rest of the registration steps completed.

Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are serious about banishing pool bacteria and filtering out coarse, fine, and ultra-fine debris. Whether you’re bothered by fine particles or remnants from last year’s raking, get crystal clear results from pool floor to pool surface. Now is the time to act as the Dolphin Days rebate program won’t last.

Clean, healthy and safe pool water is a top priority. Keeping family and friends healthy, especially during these recent times is a very important part of owning or managing a swimming pool. As lives return to normal over the next couple of years, there’s no reason to not have poolside “fun in the sun” all summer long.

Still Not Convinced?

  • Money Back – put some extra cash back in your wallet
  • Energy Savings – efficient, low-cost pool maintenance
  • Multi-Layer Filters – a clean, safe swim every time
  • Intelligent Navigation – true hands-off operation
  • Programmable Timers – on Bluetooth® robots
  • Active Brush Technology – built right in

There are other perks, too! Enjoy the industry’s best warranty, as your pool robot’s fine filter walls and ergonomic design do the heavy lifting. Relax poolside with a backyard swim experience that’s second to none at increasing summertime fun. In short, save time, money and worry—with a Dolphin Days rebate.