Maytronics Dolphin Liberty Robotic Pool Cleaners

Posted by Matt Fichera on Dec 29 2022

Maytronics Dolphin Liberty Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Maytronics Dolphin Liberty Line

Dolphin is bringing new technology to the pool cleaning industry for 2023 and beyond, with their Liberty line of cordless pool cleaning robots for increased efficiency and ease of use. These robots are designed to Maytronics’ highest standard of quality while also demonstrating why Dolphin remains the leader in innovation within the industry.

Liberty 200 | 300 | 400

The new generation of cordless pool cleaners, enhanced with inductive charging for easy snap-in-place and walk away charging. Use Eco-Mode to keep your pool clean for a week on one charge and the Cycle-Selector to customize cleaning modes.

These robots have magnetic charger connections for easy inductive charging. How do you connect the cord to the robot when it’s in the water you may ask? Just shake the “Click Up” rattle in the water and the robot will climb up to the water surface.

The Liberty series will also feature Eco-Mode on the Liberty 300 and Liberty 400 exclusively. This is a set program that cleans your pool floor with 3 weekly cleanings lasting 30 minutes each and all on a single charge.

The New Generation of Cordless Pool Cleaning with Dolphin Performance and One-touch Operation. These robots feature top-access filter baskets, powerful active scrubbing, waterline cleaning, and quick water release.

Liberty 600 | 700s | 800s

The 700s is the world’s first robotic pool cleaner with solar charging ability. Liberty 700s provides the simplest one-touch, cordless, autonomous, and sustainable pool cleaning experience.

The Liberty Series utilizes a rechargeable and removable Lithium-Ion battery. Along with this new power source comes Auto Mode. Auto Mode is auto cleaning and auto scheduling based on battery status, filter capacity, weather, and pool type.

The Liberty 700s & 800s are both completely solar-powered, providing a sustainable solution for an always clean pool.

These Liberty models also feature the standard Maytronics features which include: top-access filter basket, powerful easy brushing, waterline cleaning, and a quick water release for ease in picking the robot up and out of the water.

Poolside Connect

Along with the new Liberty line, comes Maytronics Poolside Connect, a solution for pool cleaning that’s cable-free and includes an easy low voltage installation. Poolside Connect uses an underwater inductive transmitter that supplies power to the Dolphin on-demand, allowing it to work on cleaning the pool when you schedule it to. Inductive charging is wireless power transfer that uses electromagnetic induction to provide power to portable devices. This new technology can be set up in-wall, on-wall, or at the pool edge.

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