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Maytronics Robot Power Supplies

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/13/2019

Maytronics Robot Power Supplies

Robotic pool cleaners plug into regular household power outlets and have a power supply unit close to the electrical outlet. The power supply is a transformer as it drops the electrical charge from 120 volts coming into your home down to a manageable 24 volts used to power the robot. From the power supply, a long cord runs to the robotic pool cleaner. The length of this cord determines what size pool the bot can be used in. This power transformation makes the robot safe for operation in the water eliminating any danger involving electricity and water.

Depending on which power supply is being used, some just have a simple on/off button while others have a cycle that you can set for specific cleaning operations like running for a set amount of time or a predetermined cleaning route.

Keep it dry. It’s water resistant but not waterproof. While it certainly is designed to stand up to a little bit of moisture, they definitely cannot be out in a consistent rain storm as they will fail. There are typically no repair procedures for these either, so the only choice would be to purchase a replacement. Submersion or being left in standing water will also damage the internal components.

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we realize that equipment breaks and accidents do in fact happen. A broken power supply does not mean that you need an entirely new setup as you can in fact just buy a replacement power supply. What power supply goes to what robot? Consult the chart below and click on the link to be brought to the power supply that works with your robot. 

Bonus Tip: The part number of the correct power supply can be found on either the back or the bottom of the power supply that came with the robot. These are illustrated in the pictures below and can be found where it says "Part No.". Also, if you have a power supply that differs from these two, chances are it is from an older robot and one of the current power supplies will work. In this case you will have to find the serial number on the robot and find the power supply from there.

99956034-US-ASSY (Power Supply-Basic)

Active 10
Naulitus CC

99956035-US-ASSY (Power Supply-Advanced)

Active 20 w/Swivel
Advantage (2019)
Discovery w/Swivel
Premium w/Swivel
Proteus DX4
Quantum w/Swivel
S200 w/Swivel
S300 w/Swivel
S300i w/Swivel
Triton PS w/Swivel

9995670-US-ASSY (Power Supply Diag USA 2010)

Advantage Plus (2019)
Deluxe CL1
Sprite Diag

9995671-US-ASSY (Power Supply Dyn Reset USA 2010)

Pro X2
Prowler 820
Prox 2 Blue
Wave 100
Wave 90

9995672-US-ASSY (Power Supply Diag & Timer USA 2010)

DX3s Leslie's
Naulitus CC Plus
Nautilus PS
Primal X3

9995678-US-ASSY (Power Supply Dyn & Timer)

DX4s Leslie's
DX5s Leslie's
Heavy Duty
Prowler 830
Spectra Light Premier
Wave 50
Wave 75

9995679-US-ASSY (Power Supply Dyn Wt+Bt)

M400 w/Blue Tooth
M500 w/Blue Tooth