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Pentair IChlor Salt Chlorinator Cells

Published by Matt Fichera on 02/05/2020

Pentair IChlor Salt Chlorinator Cells

Pentair’s line of iChlor salt chlorinators are both eco-friendly and efficient ways to sanitize your swimming pool. The iChlor systems provides a steady stream of chlorination for your pool that creates that silky soft pool water that you’ve always wanted. For maintaining a pool that is sparkling clean, the choice is definitely Pentair.

Pentair uses its latest smart technology which builds in usability and functionality for convenience and control that’s unmatched on the market. Real data in real time is delivered for fast and easy pool monitoring allowing you to adjust sanitization levels in 1% increments from 1-100%.

The iChlor system is automation ready. It seamlessly interfaces with both Intellitouch and EasyTouch making it so you can control the iChlor system from anywhere even on your AppleWatch or Amazon Echo. It also auto detects the presence of the IntelliFlo pump and shuts off when the pump isn’t active. This system even detects if an auto cover is in use and adjusts output when the cover is closed.

Included is a control panel with buttons and LED indicators to control the unit and produce chlorine. It measures the water temperature and salt level to produce chlorine at the output that is defined. If the salt level in the pool water is too low (red on salt display), the cell is turned off until salt is added to the pool. The controller has a self-cleaning cycle which reverses the cell polarity, reducing calcium buildup. This feature turns the cell on and off at regular intervals to minimize calcium and scale buildup and further maximizes cell life.

The iChlor contains the control electronics and bipolar electrodes that electrically produce chlorine when energized with DC current. Chlorine is generated as pool water containing salt passes through the cell. The chlorine production can be varied by either adjusting the sanitizer output level on the control panel and/or by varying the number of hours the unit is on each day. The iChlor automatically reverses the cell electrode blades every few hours to help clean the cell. This process does not interrupt the production of chlorine.

Say goodbye to chemical spills, stinging red eyes, irritated skin, or chemical odors. Gone are the days of bleached out bathing suits, or worrying about having enough chlorine on hand. All you have to do is take a look at the output and adjust it to achieve the precise levels. The iChlor takes care of the rest, producing a steady stream of chlorine for silky smooth pool water that’s free from bacteria and all contaminants. It’s also the greenest choice available.

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