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Pentair IntelliBrite Landscape Lights

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/29/2020

Pentair IntelliBrite Landscape Lights

IntelliBrite’s landscape lights provide the ability to add color to your backyard and enhance your outdoor living space. Whether it’s a quiet relaxing evening with lower light tones or an animated party environment,  IntelliBrite uses the brightest LEDs available to create the perfect atmosphere.

LED lighting technology is great for energy efficiency, lighting quality, and value over time. IntelliBrite from Pentair takes all of this into consideration to create the brightest, most vibrant, landscaping lights creating safety, security, and beauty for around your property.

Are you looking to highlight a garden, tree, or sculpture? Maybe you want to provide lighting for a driveway, patio, deck, or walkway? All of this and more can easily be accomplished as these landscape lights have superior lens geometry as well as reflector design. These elements combine to create highly uniform color and light distribution for both quality and brilliance.

Each light comes with a mounting stake for easy attachment and secure installation. They connect to a standard 12-volt transformer, use 20 watts each, and have elbow joints for any vertical adjustments that may be needed. These LEDs utilize durable solid-state technology so you never have to worry about internal filaments wearing out.

IntelliBrite Landscape Lights can synchronize for coordinated or even complementary lighting along with their color pool and spa light companions. There are two color effect modes totaling 10 rich, fixed colors and 14 amazing, automated light shows to match your mood, the occasion or the season of the year. There are two distinct brightness levels to alter the color intensity and each light has a cap that is easily removed to access mode and brightness switches quickly. These lights measure 7-7/8-inch length by 9-inch height by 4-4/5-inch width and come in an attractive matte black finish. Everything can then be controlled by the IntelliTouch or EasyTouch control systems.

Pentair Intellibrite Landscape Lights

LED lights from IntelliBrite use the most efficient lighting technology available and consume far less electricity than your typical landscape lighting systems. They are compact, versatile, and adjustable, boasting a 40° beam width, 2 levels of brightness, and color saturation along with 2 suites of color which are “Landscape” and “IntelliBrite”. These lights transform your entire outdoor living area into a harmonized nighttime environment.

Do you have questions about how these lighting systems would work on your property?  Contact Us Here as we would be happy to help.

Pentair Intellibrite Landscape Lights