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Pentair Kreepy Krauly Side Pool Cleaner

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/20/2021

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Side Pool Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly Suction Side Pool Cleaner from Pentair is a relentless classic. The cleaner brings a storied history to the table as it’s been tackling dirt and debris in swimming pools for many many years. This cleaner expertly and methodically is able to traverse both your pool walls and pool floor to vacuum away dirt and debris with a thoroughness that you can count on. The Kreepy Krauly is time tested and covers the entire pool with ease.

This cleaner has had many improvements over its decades and product generations but staying true to its original design, it still only has one moving part. Yes, you read that correctly, there’s really a very low level of stress when you know you’re in for many years of dedicated pool service without needing to switch out worn out or broken parts.

You want to know what the best part is? The Kreepy Krauly Suction Side Pool Cleaner is fully automated allowing your time to free up and get back to another project or relaxing. The cleaner is equipped with powerful suction for debris both large and small. Extensive and thorough cleaning from pool floor to waterline is a piece of cake.

The cleaner’s roller strap works to maneuver cleaner around obstacles such as ladders and steps for continuous cleaning. On board cleaner wings help channel leaves, dirt, and other debris directly into the filter system where they belong. Dive float directional system helps guide cleaner throughout entire pool from the waterline to the pool bottom for great cleaning coverage. Because this cleaner is hooked into your pool’s filtering system there’s no bags to empty.

There’s no expensive or energy draining booster pump needed for this cleaner and a valve regulator adjusts the water flow automatically to operate the cleaner at the most ideal speed for maximum cleaning performance. There’s no wheels, gears, or diaphragms to be worrying about as there’s only one moving part on the cleaner. Both of these aspects help to save you money when it comes to utility bills and operating costs.

The Kreepy Krauly Suction Side Pool Cleaner requires no tools to setup and installs in minutes. Its main design has held up through the different iterations and remains simple while possessing an amazing ability to produce crystal clear pool water. Years of dependable service and worry-free pool cleaning await you with this amazing suction side cleaner. It really is no wonder why so many pool owners have named the Kreepy Krauly as their number one cleaner of choice over the years. With more than 3 million units sold, it’s a tireless, reliable performer, season after season.

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