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Pentair Prowler 920 Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/19/2022

Pentair Prowler 920 Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Your pool is your happy place and for many, it’s a focal point of your backyard and outdoor living. Keeping that investment clean is a top priority and the Pentair Prowler 920 is a great solution and rises to the occasion for an amazing clean. After all, the point of having a pool is to enjoy it right?

Features of the Pentair Prowler 920

  • Top Access Filter Basket
  • High Speed Front Scrubbing Brush
  • Durable 60 ft. Floating Cable
  • Plug ‘n Play. Ready to go to work out of the box.

The Prowler 920 is an automatic pool cleaning robot that offers superior scrubbing and vacuuming from the pool floor to the water line, and everywhere in between. This robot is equipped with two scrubbing brushes, one of which spins at 2x the speed of the tracks so tough scum is simply no match.

Onboard the Prowler 920 comes dual-filtration with separate mesh baskets for fine and large size debris. What does this mean for you? It means you can customize the filtration for the specific size of the debris that you see on the floor of your pool or you could even change out baskets mid-clean for the ultimate pre-party pristine look.

What if you forgot to clean the pool? Don’t fret as the Prowler 920 has programmable daily cleaning schedules with a built-in weekly timer. The Prowler 920 features a single LED running light as well as quick and easy debris removal with a top access filtration basket.

You never know what the summer vibes are calling for. Whether it’s a huge neighborhood block party, a relaxing dip with your family, or even just a soak by yourself, the Prowler 920 has you covered. A full 60 ft. power cable provides your robot plenty of room to work with and when you are ready to clean the filters all you have to do is open the easy access lid, pull the filter basket out, and give it a spray or a wash.

The Pentair Prowler 920 is plug and play. It’s ready to go out of the box. Plug it in, place it in your pool, and watch it go to work! Pentair Prowler robots don’t rely on your pool’s pump or any booster pump. They are fully operational by themselves thus saving you energy and reducing equipment wear. The Prowler 920 is equipped for a totally hands-off cleaning experience.

Work on your tan instead of working on your pool. Go with the Pentair Prowler 920 powered by Dolphin.