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Pool First Aid - Natural Chemistry

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/04/2022

Pool First Aid - Natural Chemistry

What is Pool First Aid?

Pool First Aid by Natural Chemistry combines their SMARTZyme enzyme technology with a powerful clarifier to resolve pool water problems quickly and completely.

Gone are the headache issues that contribute to spoiled water and returning is that pristine and clean look you know and love from your pool. Say goodbye to dead algae, pollen, oils, spills, antifreeze residue, paint and other types of non-living organic water contaminations. Miraculously, Pool First aid also frees clogged filters from bothersome oil. It does all of this usually without backwashing or scrubbing.

Pool First Aid is compatible with all sanitizers, as well.

What is Smartzyme technology?

Enzymes break down non-living organic materials. A very small amount of these enzymes can treat a large amount of water due to being able to bind to non-living organic contaminants and reduce them to smaller and smaller parts. They end up breaking them all the way down to their original components such as carbon dioxide and water.

Instructions for Using Pool First Aid

Pool First Aid is a powerful problem solver that is non-toxic and non-irritating. Keep in mind, this product is designed to be used in properly balanced pool water. For optimum results, add product when sanitizer level is below 5ppm and wait 48 hours to shock the pool.

Pour  Pool First Aid around the surface of the pool at a rate of 2oz. per 1,000 gallons. One cap fully treats 2,000 gallons. It is recommended to keep your pool pump running for 48 hours after application to allow for proper circulation. Do not shock during this 48-hour time period.

Recommendations: Use every two days until the pool is crystal clear. Apply directly to the waterline to quickly remove any existing waterline buildup.

Important: If water temperature is below 70ºF, Pool First Aid will work slower, so allow more time for results.

Note: Anionic polymers used in many metal and scale control products should not be dosed to swimming pool water at the same time as water clarifiers. Cloudy water, precipitation and reduced product effectiveness may result. Wait 24 hours between additions.

Pool First Aid Clears Pools

When your pool is extremely cloudy, it won't clean up without chemical attention. Cloudy water may indicate that your outdoor pool is in need of an enzyme pool clarifier. Pool First Aid is a pool clarifier that coagulates dead algae and clarifies organic materials in swimming pools. When you're in a pinch and your pool is nearly unusable with cloudiness and clogging, give it Pool First Aid - a “cure all” for very cloudy water. Looking for more information on Pool First Aid? Do you have additional questions? Contact our team today as we are happy to help!

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