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Pool Lighting with Hayward Colorlogic

Published by Brooke Sardella on 09/27/2022

Pool Lighting with Hayward Colorlogic

Set the mood and enjoy your pool day or night by incorporating lighting into your pool landscape. Hayward’s family of ColorLogic lights are one of the best choices for illuminating nearly every inch of your pool's swimming area and features with vibrant color.

ColorLogic lights are the ultimate in customization with 10 solid colors to choose from and 7 exciting color changing shows. You can also control the speed, motion and brightness for the ultimate effect.

ColorLogic Controller

Compose the perfect color scheme with the ColorLogic light controller for any occasion! Whether it is a holiday, birthday, or relaxing night outdoors. You can even match the theme of your favorite sports team to host the best game night of the season! Here in New England we say - Go Patriots!

All lights in the ColorLogic family are low voltage and UL-listed for safe wall and floor installations in your pool area. With the use of high-efficiency LED bulbs, these lights are 100% brighter than other pool lighting options and can save you up to 86% on energy costs. These bulbs also last 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. This means less time spent changing light bulbs and money saved in your pocket!

Accent Lights

To bring your water features alive at night, adding ColorLogic’s 1.5 inch lights to your pool allows you to illuminate even the smallest spaces. They are perfect for lighting bubblers, baja shelves, benches, steps, and even outdoor landscaping around your pool! Install them in vinyl, fiberglass or concrete with low profile niches and installations with 30, 50, 100 and 150 foot cord lengths.

You shouldn’t settle for basic white incandescent lighting when you can have fully customizable, colorful and fun in your pool with ColorLogic LEDs!