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Raypak Digital 6450 119K BTU Heat Pump

Published by Brooke Sardella on 04/20/2022

Raypak Digital 6450 119K BTU Heat Pump

Raypak is known for its no-hassle approach to pool ownership, bringing easy-to-use quality heat pumps to the market for you. The Raypak Digital 6450 119K BTU Heat Pump is no exception to this standard with digital controls, quiet operation, automated functions, and easy installation. Let’s dive deeper into these features.


This heat pump is equip with an exclusive DuraSteel™ Powder-Coated Cabinet, which is the same rugged steel construction used by major air conditioner manufacturers. A fully louvered steel jacket protects the evaporation coil from storm debris, hail, and harsh weather. A plastic cabinet is no match for the steel Raypak cabinet!

A spiral titanium tube heat exchanger also provides a corrosion-free waterway that can withstand the abuses of

harsh pool chemistry. The spiral tube helps reduce deposit build-up and increases efficiency by performing a “scoop-and-lift” action.

The base of this heat pump is also made of a tough composite that is rustproof and ultra-sound deading. This will keep the pump running for years while holding sound levels to a minimum. What else makes this heat pump so quiet?

Quiet Operation

A 3 blade swept-wing fan has been precision engineered and tuned for this heat pump, meaning greater efficiency all while being whisper quiet! The scroll compressor is also quiet and efficient compared to piston-type compressors. It provides higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability, and unsurpassed reliability. The unique design of a scroll compressor actually wears in overtime, not out.


In this digital world, automation is everywhere making your life simple and easy and your pool should be no different! That is why this heat pump can be set to different target temperatures for your pool and spa combined at the touch of a remote.

The heat pump is also energy efficient with delayed start, solar priority control, and gas heater backup that let the sun and heat pump heat your pool before using a gas heater.

On-Board Diagnostics also tells you if there is a problem and provides the service technician with detailed diagnostic information in simple terms.

The Raypak Classic 6450 116K BTU Digital Heat Pump is a great choice to keep your water warm when you need it. With superior durability, automation, whisper-quiet operation, and efficiency, you will hardly know it is there while it does all the work for you. Shop the 119k and learn more about heaters and heat pumps by clicking here.

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