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Robotic, Pressure Side or Suction Side Pool Cleaner | Which Is Best?

Published by Makayla Ruth on 01/18/2022

Robotic, Pressure Side or Suction Side Pool Cleaner | Which Is Best?

3 Reasons To Choose A Robotic Pool Cleaner vs. Suction & Pressure Pool Cleaner

Maintaining a sparkling pool at all times can be consuming and at times, costly. Luckily, those days are in the past, Pool owners are now given an array of options when it comes to deciding the right cleaner for their pool. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the most efficient and effective option that lasts. Today we are going to review three reasons why a robotic pool cleaner is a more suitable choice for pool owners in comparison to a suction and pressure pool cleaner.

Reason #1: Energy Savings

Pool pumps require a considerable amount of energy, creating a loss of money from your pocket and energy.

Robotic Cleaners     Suction Cleaners     Pressure Cleaners
NO pump required, it is an easy-to-use, independent pool cleaner.                  
Requires main pool pump to suck in water with the use of the pressure of the pool’s intake. Requires booster pump to push the pool’s water against the surface of the pool. 
Estimated Annual Energy Usage:Estimated Annual Energy Usage:Estimated Annual Energy Usage:

Reason #2: Money Savings 

When it’s pool season, a pool owner should not have to worry about the cost it takes to run their cleaner when they already spent a pretty penny to buy it. Pressure and suction cleaners can cost hundreds of dollars to run throughout the pool season. However; a robotic pool cleaner is dramatically cheaper.

                          Robotic Pool Cleaner                                                 Pressure Pool Cleaner                                               Suction Pool Cleaner                             

Reason #3: Time Savings

When you’re a pool owner, your time should not be consumed with cleaning your pool, rather, it should be spent enjoying every minute of it. Suction and pressure pool cleaners can take up to hours to clean your pool. However; the Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner is able to leave your pool sparkling clean in as little as two hours.

Cleaning your pool has never been easier. The Dolphin pool cleaner made by Maytronics brings newer, more efficient, and sustainable features that other cleaners can not even compare to. Dolphin cleaners are 8x more energy efficient, use 90% less power, all while performing at an unmatched speed.

E-Z Test Pools is a proud Maytronics dealer and would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Visit us in-store or online today to learn more!