Should I Purchase My Robotic Pool Cleaner From an Online Store or a Retail Store?

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Advantages of Purchasing Your Pool Cleaning Robot at a “Brick and Mortar” Store

  • You have built a relationship with the store; you know them and they’ve gained your trust. You have complete faith in them and their products.
  • You help support the local economy by supporting a local business.
  • Taking advantage of “showrooming” meaning you have a chance to take a look at the product yourself and ask questions of a store team member. You can compare and contrast robots with them right in front of you. The ability to demo the robot may also be an option.
  • Typically, there are longer warranties especially on units with prices greater than $1200.00.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Your Pool Cleaning Robot at a “Brick and Mortar” Store

  • Robotic pool cleaners are generally priced higher.
  • There is definitely also a time and convenience factor as it takes time to drive to the store, go through the purchasing process and decide on something. It may be inconvenient to visit during normal business hours.

Advantages of Purchasing Your Pool Cleaning Robot at an “Online” Store

  • The price is generally lower as robots are warehoused in various locations across the country.
  • Online stores are usually a “one stop shop” as you can research and purchase your robot here and you may also have the ability to purchase parts if any are ever needed in the future.
  • There’s also a convenience factor in buying on the Internet as the product ships right to your doorstep.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Your Pool Cleaning Robot at an “Online” Store

  • It is typical for robots that are sold online to have shorter warranties from 1 to 2 years.
  • If a robotic pool cleaner is in need of repair it will have to be shipped either to a warranty station or to the manufacturer.
  • If this shipping scenario happens it may cause excessive down time which could impact the status of your pool cleanliness.


  • Always keep the box that the robot came in just in case it needs to be sent back for repairs.
  • Always keep your receipt in case there is ever any questions pertaining to the warranty on the robot. The date of purchase usually starts the clock on the warranty.
  • Depending on what you’re looking for; price, service, value or a combination of these, each purchasing channel fulfills a different need for the consumer. Like most tradeoffs, what works the best for you as a consumer usually dictates what you choose to do when it comes to purchasing a robotic pool cleaner.

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