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Solar-Breeze NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on Jun 4 2019

Solar-Breeze NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Let the Sun Clean Your Pool!

The NX2 by Solar-Breeze is dedicated to bringing solar powered maintenance and eco-friendly pool care to the forefront and making it readily available for consumers. For those that spend countless hours “skimming” the surface of your pool, Solar-Breeze delivers a “Roomba” for your pool and wants to make this spring and summer a “breeze”.

Solar-Breeze says to “ditch the net” and invest in a product that is actively contributing to eventually removing swimming pools from the electrical power grid completely. The NX2 guarantees that it will pay for itself in 6 months or less. Using less pool chemicals, less maintenance, less pool pump operation, and more, just think of how much your pool budget will be decreased by season after season. Relying on a pool cleaning robot means that you have more time to actually relax in your pool instead of spending countless hours cleaning it. A short time after purchasing and implementing the NX2, you’ll realize that there really is no reason to hand skim you’re pool ever again.

The NX2 is Solar-Breeze’s second-generation pool cleaner that is completely powered by sunlight. Yes, you read that right, the sun powers this pool cleaner making it completely free of hoses, cords, or heavy equipment that may hold it back or weigh it down. The robot is very easy to use. You only have to place it in the pool, turn the switch and watch it get to work. The NX2 uses intelligent navigation and also contains a debris tray that is easily accessible and even easier to clean.

The filter mesh is designed to effectively get even the finest of materials out of your pool. Annoying things like lotions, hair, and pollen are no match for Solar-Breeze. Emptying the tray is as simple as retrieving the vehicle, pulling the tray out, emptying the contents, rinsing the mesh, inserting the cartridge back in and it is ready to go again. Another amazing feature is a built-in chemical drawer that can assist in executing proper chlorine distribution helping to assure that harmful bacteria is meeting its end. The NX2 is a major contributor to crystal clear water and a healthier pool overall.

Utilizing only the power from the sun the  NX2 expertly cleans your pool all day and even stores enough energy to continue operating into the night. It has batteries on-board that help it escape any shadows and operate for periods of time without the needed sunlight. Less bottom cleaning is needed as debris are removed prior to reaching it. It can be used in both inground and above ground pools. The Solar-Breeze is even smart enough to know when conditions for its operation are not optimal. Hunt-for-Sun is on-board software which periodically wakes itself up and runs for 2 minutes. If there is enough sunlight it stops in place until fully charged, if there is not enough sun light it goes to sleep for 8 minutes then tries again. The full recharging cycle typically is complete within an hour.

The robot saves pool owners literally hundreds of dollars a month on power bills. These savings become even more of a focal point in regions of the country where pool season is all year round. Reducing pool pump operation is key as it is not unusual for it to come in third in electrical draw behind the home’s air conditioning, and pool heating systems.

The NX2 has a collection capacity that is twice the size of your typical skimmer basket. If you clean out your basket weekly, then emptying this robot will need to be done twice a month. There is also a clear window located on the top of the robot that allows you to periodically check on the status of the collection tray.

Solar-Breeze comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee just in case there’s a reason that the cleaner doesn’t meet your needs. Solar-Breeze also stands behind its product and carries a 1-year warranty starting at purchase. While we do not think that you will need these things for any particular reason, they’re certainly something worth mentioning.

Going a bit more in depth with the NX2 finds that the robot is powered by a rear paddle that propels the vehicle through the water. An additional paddle on the front is in charge of scooping the various pool debris into a chamber and also filters the pool water through an ultra-fine mesh. This process prevents 90 to 95% of dust and debris from getting into the pool and sinking to the bottom. Located on the corners of the robot are powered bumpers that redirect and rotate the robot every time it comes in contact with the pool wall.

A Chemical Dispenser (which is intended for solid tablets) is included with the  Solar-Breeze, as spreading chlorine and clarifiers randomly but also evenly along the surface of the pool water assists in the chemicals being way for efficient. The NX2 delivers maintenance levels of chlorine with a maximum capacity of two 3” chlorine tablets that dissolve as the robot drives throughout the pool. Lots of pool equipment is only run at night and shut off during the day hours as electricity typically is more expensive during the day and this is where the NX2 really makes a solid contribution. The release of chlorine near the edge of the pool during the daytime, along with skimming the surface of fine dust that collects algae, makes a tremendous difference in inhibiting algae growth.

Solar-Breeze works hard for you. There’s no more hand skimming when you get home from work, just jump right in. Are you having a party this weekend and are worried about the pool being clean? Don’t fret as the NX2 has been working hard all week and has the pool ready to rock and roll!

When you put an eco-friendly Solar-Breeze NX2 in your pool, you save yourself time, energy and money, and do your part to reduce carbon emissions!

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