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The 4 Steps to Pool Water Clarity (Step 3 of 4)

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 05/15/2017

The 4 Steps to Pool Water Clarity (Step 3 of 4)

For the last couple of articles we have been taking up the issue of cloudiness in a pool that is persistent and does not respond to clarifiers and other simple solutions. Step 3 is a product from N. Jonas Chemical Company called Hydro-Floc which performs similarly to alum (Step 2) but even more aggressively. With Hydro-Floc there will be substantial amounts of debris and chemical that will precipitate to the bottom, so it is highly advisable before beginning use of this product that you raise the water level approximately 3 inches with fresh water. Please be aware, however, that if you have problems with metals in your water such as iron, copper, manganese, etc. you will need to address the removal of the metals from the water AFTER this process is completed.

After you have raised the water level sufficiently, squirt the contents of the bottle evenly across the surface of the pool with the filter running, at the rate of approximately 1 quart per 25,000 gallons. Run filter for one hour only then shut off until the morning. Shutting the pump off is critical as it allows the product to precipitate the suspended debris to the bottom. Vacuum the pool using the waste (or bypass to waste) position on the multiport. This is also very important since the quality and the amount of what you will be vacuuming is best NOT sent through the filter. As you vacuum this precipitated layer of chemical and debris you may notice that although you are able to pick up a fair amount, there will be some from this layer that will stir up into the clearer parts of the water. When this happens, simply vacuum up what you can, stop vacuuming for a while so as to allow it to settle again and re-vacuum. Repeat this process until the pool is clean. Once again this product works quite well most of the time, but is more labor-intensive than other steps.

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