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Water for Instant Relaxation

Published by Brooke Sardella on 08/15/2022

Water for Instant Relaxation

Have you ever noticed when you are near a body of water, whether it is an ocean, lake, river, or pool, you instantly feel more relaxed? What about the calming feeling of a warm shower, bath, or even the sound of rain? The relaxing effects of water are undeniable and that is why we are celebrating National Relaxation Day with our love of water and hydrotherapy!

There is actually a term called the “Blue Mind” Effect, which scientifically proves that being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier and healthier. Researchers found that just looking at water can create these effects. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The Earth is covered in 70% water and so are we. Water is one of our main sources of life. It is deeply ingrained in us that just being near water puts us at ease, knowing we have exactly what we need to thrive.

This is why we refer to having a pool or spa as a part of your home as your own “personal oasis”. It is a space where you can tune out the noise and experience relaxation and rejuvenation whenever you need to. You can feel the effects of looking at the water even from your kitchen window before you start the day. Having your own personal oasis is especially important if you don’t have any lakes, rivers, or oceans nearby.

If you need further proof of water's calming effects. Did you know that each one of us even has a “diving reflex”? Yes, even you! When you dive into the pool or swim with your face submerged, your heart rate will automatically slow down. Even newborns have this reflex and will instinctively hold their breath in water. This effect can be greatly beneficial to help with anxiety, stress, panic, and muscle tension when you feel like the world is spinning a little too fast.

Have you noticed these effects in and around your pool or spa? If your backyard oasis needs a relaxation boost, you can enhance its relaxing effects with some features, too. Incorporating a water feature is a great way to calm your senses with the sound of flowing water. Adding lights to your pool can also create a dramatically different atmosphere in your pool that you can lounge by under the stars or take a nightly dip. And of course, we can’t forget how great it feels to lounge and skim on the surface of the water with a float either.

On National Relaxation Day, we hope you can enjoy these soothing effects of water in your own pool or spa.