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Blue Torrent 18" 360-Degree Brush for Swimming Pools, AC88757

Blue Torrent 18" 360-Degree Brush for Swimming Pools, AC88757

Mfg #: AC88072

SKU: AC88757

UPC: 722372887576

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The Blue Torrent 18" brush around 360 Degree for swimming pools cleans pool corners with ease with the brush around 360 wall & Floor brush. No dirt will escape your reach with this innovative pool brush with 360 Degree cleaning capability. Built-in corner brushes help you to clean in the tight corners of walls & steps. Simply attach to your telescopic pole (not included) & scrub dirt from virtually anywhere in or around your pool.

  • 360 degree cleaning bristles
  • No rough edges to scuff or scratch your pool liner
  • Cleans corners, curves, steps, ladders, wood decks and tiled surfaces
  • Built-in corner brushes
  • Attach to pole (not included)

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Cynthia O on 04/15/2023


    Blue Torrent Pool Brush

    Fantastic brush that cleans so much better than any other brushes I have used.

  • Posted by Jason Hovis on 03/29/2023


    This brush should be standard!

    This brush works so much better than your standard brush! Very easy to get up under coping, under the ladder rungs, in corners of steps, around handrails and the whole pool. The white/blue ends unscrew if you need a slightly smaller brush too. One downside to them is that they are a bit more unwieldy in the water due to the bigger surface area and weight and they grip rougher bottom pools a bit too much for easy brushing but they do an amazing job at scrubbing scum lines and algae spots. I would not recommend you use them in piles of debris like leaves or seed pods or anything like that because they will get all stuck in the bristles. Fairly easy to clean out with a sprayer on a garden hose though. 10/10 would recommend for any pool cleaner or even pool owners!