Frog @ease Floating Spa Sanitizer System, 01-14-3256

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Frog @ease Floating Spa Sanitizer System

Enjoy the benefits of Fresh Mineral Water that is cleaner, clearer, softer and easier to take care of. The @ease system uses up to 75% less chlorine than the standard chlorine system and reduces harsh shocking.


  • Low-chlorine spa sanitizing system maintains a consistent 0.5 – 1.0 ppm free chlorine level at all times
  • Minerals work to make water softer, gentler and conditioned
  • Shock only once a month and use up to 75% less chlorine
  • Floats in spa water and flips over when empty, indicating the SmartChlor cartridge needs replacing
  • Minerals last up to 4 months, SmarChlor cartridges last 3-4 weeks in spas up to 600 gallons



  • 5
    Easy to Use

    Posted by T. M. on May 26 2022

    Just set it and forget it. Super easy to use to keep your spa water maintained.

  • 5
    Easy to use and very effective

    Posted by Raymond on Mar 20 2022

    I have used this product for over 5 years in my 3 previous hot tubs, including my latest, an inflatable. Its easy to use and it works. No more testing and balancing chemicals. Merely drop it into your tub and it does the rest.

  • 5
    Product is easy to use and affordable

    Posted by Angela on Jan 12 2022

    Great product and everything you need is in this kit. The instructions are easy to read.

  • 5
    So easy to use

    Posted by Michele on Dec 22 2021

    This is the easiest and best way to keep our chemicals correct for our hot tub. It was recommended by EZ Test. I still check chemicals twice a week but rarely have to do any adjusting.