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Maytronics Dolphin Universal Pro Caddy

Securely transport and store your Dolphin pool cleaner caddy with ease! This caddy, designed specifically for Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaners, making cleaning your pool that much easier.

Protect Your Power Supply

The Dolphin Caddy conveniently provides a secure place to hold your power supply.

Light-Weight & Easy to Use

This durable, light-weight Dolphin Caddy makes transporting your cleaner a breeze.

Stress-Free Storage

The Dolphin Caddy provides a proper solution to keep your brushes protected and a way to keep the cable organized and out of the way.


  • Universal Caddy is compatible with all residential Dolphin cleaners. This durable, light-weight Dolphin Caddy makes transporting your cleaner a breeze.
  • Stress-free storage. The caddy provides a proper storage solution and keeps pressure off the scrubbing brushes, allowing them to maintain their form.
  • Protect your power supply. The caddy conveniently provides a secure place to hold your power supply.
  • Cable management made easy. The caddy provides a way to keep your cleaner’s cable organized and out of the way.
  • Maytronics part number 9996084-ASSY
  • Dolphin Oasis Z5i Pool Cleaner Parts


Compatible Models: All residential Dolphin robotic pool cleaners

Fits ALL Maytronics Robots including:

  • Dolphin Wave 75 115v Cb (99996366)
  • Pentair Prowler 820 (99996326)
  • Pentair Prowler 830 (99996346)
  • Dolphin Wave 75 (99996369-W75)
  • Dolphin Heavy Duty 115v Cb (2013) (9999389-HD)
  • Dolphin 3001 115v Cb Bl (2013) (9999326-BL)
  • Dolphin Pro X2 115v Cb (2013) (9999399X-BL)
  • Dolphin Wave 65 Cb (99991023-W65)
  • Dolphin Wave 90 Cb (99991083-W90)
  • Dolphin Bio Pvc Us (99991087-BIO-US)
  • Dolphin M400 (99991043-US)
  • Dolphin Dx4s (99996343-CAR)
  • Dolphin Dx5+s (99996383-CAR)
  • Dolphin Odyssey (99991079-SPL)
  • Dolphin H50 (99996373-H50)


How do I properly store my robot on the Dolphin Caddy?

After each cleaning cycle, take your robot out of the water and store it on your Dolphin Caddy, away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, or severe cold. Store the Dolphin Caddy in a covered location to prevent accelerated wear. Wrap the cable carefully so that it does not have any kinks and store on your Dolphin Caddy.

How do I set up the Power Supply Unit on my Dolphin Caddy?

When your robot is in use, make sure the Dolphin Caddy that is holding the Power Supply Unit is properly stored on the caddy at least 12 feet away from the edge of the pool, so it does not get pulled in. Always use an electrical outlet protected with a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) device; this will protect your robot from surges in power. Do not use an extension cord or surge protector to power your robot.

Is it safe to leave the Power Supply Unit on the Dolphin Caddy at all times? What happens if there is a thunderstorm?

The Power Supply Unit is an electrical device which must be protected from the elements. It is water resistant, but not waterproof. Mount your Power Supply Unit on the Dolphin Caddy for ease of use and to prevent accelerated wear. Always plug into a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) outlet. Do not allow the power supply to be submerged in the pool or standing water.

How do I properly store, roll, and operate the cable when using a Dolphin Caddy?

When you robot is in use, completely remove the cable from the Dolphin Caddy. Release enough of the cable for your Dolphin to properly cover your pool and leave the excess cable loosely rolled outside of the pool. When storing your robot on the Dolphin Caddy, carefully wrap the cable so it does not have any kinks and place it around the top of the caddy. Once a week, unplug the cable from the power supply and unwind the tangled portions of the cable, straighten it out and leave in the sun for a few hours. This will help remove any tangling or kinks.

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  • 5
    So Nice!

    Posted by Stephanie Standley on Jul 9 2022

    Can't believe we waited so long to get a caddy! It is so nice to wheel our robot around and store it nicely when not needed! Shipping was quick! Assembly was a bit annoying (instructions aren't very detailed) but not complicated. Very happy with our purchase!

  • 5
    PRO CADDY, 9996084-ASSY Rating

    Posted by Pat Justice on Aug 30 2021

    Definitely a great product. This caddy makes moving my Dolphin pool cleaner so easy to transport to and from the pool.

  • 5
    Dolphin Triton PS

    Posted by John on Aug 15 2021

    Amazing pool cleaning robot. Choose this model for the tile scrubbing feature which it does perfectly. Best middle of the road robot pool cleaner with tile cleaning function that we found by other reviews on function an affordability. Highly recommend getting the Dolphin storage caddy as well so the rubber cleaning fins do not get damaged on the decking or other storage area.

  • 5
    Dolphin Caddy

    Posted by Mimi on Aug 5 2021

    Nicely made. Assembles easily!

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