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OnGuard 1" Maxi-Clor Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine Tabs, 1.5 Lb, 561016

OnGuard 1" Maxi-Clor Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine Tabs, 1.5 Lb, 561016

Mfg #: 561016

SKU: 561016

UPC: 91785014016

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OnGuard OnGuard 1" Maxi-Clor Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine Tabs, 1.5 lbs, 561016

The OnGuard 1” Maxi-Clor chlorine tablets were designed to disinfect pool water, eliminate mineral scale buildup, and clean your swimming pool water in a manageable size. Created to maintain a clear pool of all sizes, these chlorine tabs also have superior sun protection and a slow-release formula to slowly distribute chlorine to your pool over the course of days. Keep your family and friends entertained by the pool all summer long by keeping a supply of OnGuard pool chlorine handy. The convenient 1.5 bottle contains approximately 50 tablets. OnGuard is a trusted name in pool and spa maintenance products. These super chlorinating tabs were designed to be easy and effective in sanitizing, chlorinating, and producing clean and clear pool water. OnGuard Chlorine tablets work well with vinyl-lined pools and salt systems. Apply the recommended number of tablets to feeders, floaters, or skimmer baskets using the instructions on the rear of the bottle as a guide. Active Ingredient: Trichloro-s-triazinetrione (99%).



  • Concentrated, stabilized, completely soluble formula to prevent mineral scale buildup and clear your swimming pool water. UV resistant sun protection minimizes chlorine loss due to sun exposure.
  • Convenient 1 inch chlorinating sanitizer tablets to disinfect and clean pools of all sizes with minimal effort.
  • Salt system compatible super chlorinating tablets made to work in pools of all sizes.
  • Chlorinates for up to 1 week, disinfecting water, and producing crystal clear pool water, a great value for the DIY pool caretaker.
  • For floaters, feeders, and skimmer baskets. 1.5-pound container of 1” chlorine tablets for chlorinating swimming pools around the clock. Tablets chlorinate up to one week.

4 Reviews

  • Posted by Matt on 07/18/2023


    Chlorine tablets for my spa

    I have been using these tablets in my spa for years. I recently had a hip replacement and needed to buy some but getting to my local store was painful and difficult. I ordered a bucket online from EZ Pool and Spa and the order went well. The shipping was fast, the price was fair, and the communication was good. Overall, I am pleased with the product and the company. Thank you. -Matt

  • Posted by EZ Pool & Spa Supply Customer on 08/31/2021


    Readily Available During Chlorine Shortage Crisis!

    I switched to the Onguard brand recently when it was the only brand available because of the chemical shortage. It's performed well compared to past seasons with Clorox and Kemtek. The price isn't bad and as I mentioned, it's been in stock nearly all year. has been great. They ship quickly and have good customer service.

  • Posted by Josh on 05/03/2021


    Onguard chlorine tabs

    Works great in our 15' Summer Escapes pool. Keeps the water clear all summer. A single tablet lasts roughly one week. Overall the product works well for our setup.

  • Posted by Thomas R. on 04/30/2021


    Great little chlorine tablets

    I have 2 floating chlorine feeders which I put in the pool when my family is not using the pool. I put a few tablets in it regularly and the water was clear! The size is great for slow dissolving but they also are convenient so I can add as much or as little as I need. I highly recommend getting these!