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Waterway 6" Pump Lid, 319-4100

Waterway 6" Pump Lid, 319-4100

Mfg #: 319-4100

SKU: WWP-101-8069

UPC: 806105554314

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Waterway Plastics 319-4100 For Champion/SMF Pump 


  • Lid
  • Nut
  • O-Ring

Used On

  • Waterway Econo Flo Series 2.7HP Variable Speed Pumps
  • Waterway Econo Flo Series 1.65HP Variable Speed Pumps
  • Waterway SMF Pumps
  • Waterway Champion 56-Frame Pumps
  • Waterway Center Discharge Pumps
  • Waterway Defender Variable Speed Pump Parts
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPE-107
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPE-110
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPE-120
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPE-130
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPS-115
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPS-125
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPS-210
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPS-215
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPS-220
  • Waterway SMF 1HP Inground Pool Pump, SMF-110
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPS-107
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPS-110
  • Waterway Champion Pump Parts, CHAMPS-120

The Waterway 6" Pump Lid (Part Number 319-4100) is a replacement lid designed for Waterway pool and spa pumps. Manufactured by Waterway, a trusted brand in the pool industry, this pump lid ensures a secure and watertight seal for your pump housing, allowing for efficient and reliable operation.

The pump lid is an essential component that covers the pump basket and provides access for maintenance and cleaning. It plays a crucial role in preventing debris from entering the pump and blocking the impeller, which could lead to reduced pump performance or damage.

The Waterway 6" Pump Lid is specifically designed to fit Waterway pumps with a 6-inch diameter. It is compatible with various Waterway pump models, providing a convenient replacement option for damaged or worn-out lids.

Constructed with durable materials, the pump lid is built to withstand the demands of pool and spa environments. It is resistant to water, pool chemicals, and UV exposure, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Installation of the Waterway 6" Pump Lid is straightforward. Simply remove the old lid by unscrewing it from the pump housing, clean the sealing surface, and attach the new lid in place. Following the manufacturer's instructions will ensure a proper and secure fit.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the pump lid are recommended to ensure its integrity and effectiveness. Over time, exposure to pool chemicals and wear may affect the lid's sealing ability. If signs of damage or deterioration are observed, it is advisable to replace the lid to maintain the efficiency of your pump.

Key Features

  • Replacement pump lid for Waterway pool and spa pumps
  • Compatible with 6" diameter pump housings
  • Ensures a secure and watertight seal
  • Durable construction resistant to water, chemicals, and UV exposure
  • Easy installation as a replacement part