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CMI Copper Bonding Grid & Kit | Avoid Stray Voltage

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/30/2023

CMI Copper Bonding Grid & Kit | Avoid Stray Voltage

Consolidated Manufacturing’s Equibond® Equipotential Bonding Grid is tested and proven protection against stray voltage. This product is made from exothermically welded #8 Solid Copper. There’s also 12’ spacing on the grid which is tested and proven protective. Each roll comes with an accessory kit that can be conveniently installed by one person.

CMI Bonding Grid Kits Include the Following High-Quality Hardware:

  • 20 #8 Split Bolts, to connect the corners and secure each side to the rebar clamp for Direct Burial.
  • 16 Metal Stakes, to hold the grid in place so one person can roll out.

Equipotential bonding grids have become the standard solution to help mitigate stray voltage while protecting people in the pool and around it. Many cities, towns, and municipalities require a metal grid in your pool deck to protect from electric shock and to extend the equipotential plane as a single wire is not enough. Stray voltage can be lethal and can occur anywhere. This grid helps protect your community and your loved ones.

There are two typical sizes of grid that are available; a 2 x 100 ft. grid and a 3 x 100 ft. grid. Each equipotential grid size comes with the exact number of clamps and metal stakes needed for installation. You don’t need to worry about shopping around for extra parts either. Most inspectors are familiar with this equipment, which can lead to faster compliance approvals.

What is Stray Voltage?

It is not uncommon these days for residential electrical lines to be buried versus running them on poles above the street. There are also other sources of power that can sometimes have energy “leaks”. When electricity escapes these contained sources, it looks the path of least resistance. A prime target for these rogue electrical currents is a wet concrete deck or a wet swimmer who is stepping onto it. Maybe you have even experienced this yourself on a minor level? Have you ever gotten out of a pool and felt a shock? This could very well be stray voltage that has found the path of least resistance by going through your body. Stray voltage has been known to be fatal and is most definitely something that builders want to protect their customers against to the best of their abilities.

How to Lessen Stray Voltage in Pool Builds

Stray voltage hasn’t been an area of concern until recently. Older methods of building required metal rebar to be placed within concrete to help hold it together. Metal is more conductive than concrete, so electricity would flow through this instead of the concrete. When best practices advanced, and fiberglass pools became more prominent, stray voltage started becoming more noticeable and common.

The equipotential bonding grid is installed below the pool and deck to be the outlet or “conductor” for roaming electricity. Stray electrical currents should prefer metal over most other materials and by utilizing these metal systems, you can mitigate stray voltage and increase safety.

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