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Introducing NiTek | Raypak’s Advanced Heat Exchanger Technology!

Published by Matt Fichera on 11/08/2022

Introducing NiTek | Raypak’s Advanced Heat Exchanger Technology!

E-Z Test Pools recently returned from the Raypak headquarters in Oxnard, California with some exciting news about Raypak’s latest innovation.

Justin Reyes, Associate Marketing Manager for Raypak, spent time with us to discuss new products and proprietary technology that will soon be available for purchase. Raypak is consistently the leader in innovation when it comes to pool heating and this time around is no different. NiTek is the latest and greatest in patented heat exchanger technology and will raise the bar in the pool heating industry.

How is NiTek different from other pool heat exchanger technologies? According to Justin, “NiTek is actually our answer to a more efficient and durable heat exchanger, so when people are looking for an HD model, they are usually looking at cupronickel and so rather than us going to cupronickel we decided to create this new technology called NiTek.”

NiTek’s thermal efficiency is in line with copper as you are getting 84% which is more than the 82% you get with cupronickel. As far as durability goes, this new technology is 200% more corrosion-resistant than cupronickel and 300% more than copper. Typically, in the past, cupronickel has been the heavy-duty standard when it comes to pools using salt systems. NiTek also boasts an amazing 50% less scale formation than you would expect with traditional cupronickel. This is an industry-first technology that simply put, “stands up to saltwater systems much better than what is on the market currently”. Raypak is expecting pool owners to embrace this advancement as it’s a better option for longevity, efficiency, and strength in the long run.

NiTek technology is a proprietary coating and will be rolling out on AVIA HD heaters which will be Raypak’s heavy-duty model going forward. The AVIA was new to the market itself during the 2nd quarter of 2022 and features both Wi-Fi and “Smart” technology allowing you to monitor your pool from anywhere using the Raymote App on your mobile device. Raypak has chosen to develop its own technology that is more efficient and more robust while not pursuing heater models that utilize the traditional cupronickel that its competitors use.

NiTek will be the 5th patent on the AVIA heaters. Other patents already on the existing AVIA models include Smart Estimator (estimates how long it will take your pool to heat to the desired temperature), built-in controller integration (to control your pools lighting and other features), Software (which includes the Raymote app, giving you the ability to adjust your heater’s settings from anywhere), and the design of the heat exchanger itself.

We’re really excited about this announcement and looking forward to what people have to say about this new technology.” Justin proudly announced. We thank Raypak for their hospitality and look forward to our continued preferred partnership going forwards.

Look for NiTek technology to be launched very soon and incorporated into AVIA pool heaters. We will have these available for purchase at as soon as they become available. Looking for more information on the AVIA heater? Check out our additional blogs here or videos here.