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Now Introducing: The Raymote App

Published by Makayla Ruth on 11/18/2021

Now Introducing: The Raymote App

AVIA is taking heating your pool to the next level. Now introducing the Raymote app, created by Raypak. This app enables a pool owner to control their water temperature wherever and whenever they wish. Not only does this platform allow 24/7 access for pool owners, it also includes numerous other features to make the pool heating experience as efficient as possible, including:

  • Smart Scheduling: AVIA heats and learns the size of your pool and will let you know when your pool is ready at your set temperature.
  • Smart Ecosystem Manager: Enables you to manage your heater, pump or water feature and scheduling.
  • Integrated WiFi: Provides a smart connection for real-time service alerts and the ability to control from anywhere.
  • ProTek Shield: A cutting-edge module made by Raypak which protects the heat exchanger from corrosion, prolonging the life of the AVIA pool heater.

These qualities of the AVIA heater gives one the power to know, control and protect. Raypak is advancing to the next level in technology, revolutionizing heating your pool. The AVIA heater is a compact looking model that is small and light enough to install very easily. As part of the easy switch out and upgrade process, the AVIA allows for the heater unit controls to be easily accessible from 3 different sides. With an 84% efficiency rate, you are saving energy and money with the AVIA pool heater.

No need for a separate control panel, no need to spend thousands of dollars for an automated control system, and no need to look any further. Coming early 2022 these AVIA heaters will be in stock at E-Z Test Pool Supplies.

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