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S.R. Smith Artisan Series Pool Hand Rails

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/22/2020

S.R. Smith Artisan Series Pool Hand Rails

Give your pool deck a modern touch with the  Artisan Series Inground Pool Handrail from S.R. Smith. These hand rails are elegantly designed and easy to retro-fit traditional pool railings. Their stylish look brings a unique addition to the pool deck while remaining completely functional at the same time.

S.R. Smith Artisan Series Pool Hand Rails

Removing the existing railing is easy. Just loosen the bolt under each of the escutcheon plates to a point that you can lift the old railing out of the anchor sockets. Typically, you should be able to loosen the bolts by using a wrench and turning them counter-clockwise. It’s also a good idea to have a hammer as you may need it to help loosen the bolts.

Now it’s time to install the new artisan series rail. Insert the railing into the sockets but before you do, remember to thread the escutcheon plates onto both sides before placing into the anchor sockets.

Make sure to tighten each bolt securing the new hand rail into place. You’ll be able to use the same wrench and turn clockwise until tight. Lastly, make sure the escutcheon plates are properly covering the bolts you just tightened.

It really is that easy to add modern functional elegance to any pool.

These hand rails work amazingly as a pair or a single rail. They are available with 316L stainless steel, which is marine grade and salt water pool friendly.  The Artisan Hand Rail is available in four different colors including: Polished Steel, Powder Coated White, Powder Coated Taupe, and Powder Coated Rock Gray.

To purchase the Artisan Series Hand Rail, visit our product page. Looking for more information?  Contact Us Here or at any of our three retail locations.

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