Merlin Dura-Mesh II 20' X 40' 4X8 Rt. 1' or 2' Off (Rect.) Green Safety Pool Cover

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The Merlin DuraMesh Safety Cover provides lasting strength and durability against accidental intrusion into your pool while reducing maintenance and chemical costs. To find out if you require a left or right end step, look at your pool from the deep end and assess which side will need the step. Includes an extra foot of over hang on each side, just order for the size of your pool and we will include the extra cover to help keep it pinned down over the winter.

Pool Cover Features:

  • Increased size and number of filaments
  • 40% stronger burst strength
  • 45% increase in tear strength in width
  • Reduces dirt, debris and algae growth
  • Provides protection from accidental pool intrusion
  • Easy installation and removal