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Sta-Rite Models TXC25B, TXC50B, TXC75, TXC100 Parts


  • Pentair .25" Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge, 15060-0000T (STA-061-5069)

    Pentair .25" Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge, 15060-0000T

    #18 on Parts Diagram/Schematic

    Pentair 15060-0000T Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge For Sta-Rite(R) PXC, PRC, PLM, PLD, Posi-Clear and Posi-Flo Cartridge Filter; 1/4 Inch NPT, 0 - 60 psi Used On Sta-Rite System 2 Modular Media PLM Series Filters Sta-Rite System 2 PLDE Series Modular...

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  • Pentair Plug Pipe WC78-38T (STA-051-8302)

    Pentair 3/4" NPT Plug Pipe, WC78-38T

    #11 on Parts Diagram/Schematic

    Pentair WC78-38T Pipe Plug For Sta-Rite(R) Posi-Flo II Cartridge Filter Model PTM50; PTM70; PTM100 and PTM135; 3/4 Inch NPT Used On Posi-Flo II Cartridge Filter Model PTM135   Posi-Flo II Filter PTM50, PTM70, PTM100  Sta-Rite Posi-Flo...

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  • Pentair Bleeder, Air/Tee Assembly 154689 (PAC-051-2849)

    Pentair Air/Tee Bleeder Assembly, 154689

    #17 on Parts Diagram/Schematic

    Pentair 154689 Air Bleeder/Tee Assembly For Triton II Sand Filter Model TR50; TR60; TR100 and TR140; System 3 SS Series Sand Filter Model S7S50; S8S70 Used On Sta-Rite System 3 Modular Media SM Series Filters Sta-Rite System 3 SD Series DE...

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  • Pentair .25" Drain Plug, WC78-40T (STA-101-3781)

    Pentair .25" Drain Plug, WC78-40T

    #3 on Parts Diagram/Schematic

    Pentair WC78-40T Pipe Plug For PLBC; JWP; JWPA Pump and Separation Tank Assembly Replacement Parts Used On Sta-Rite JWP Series Pumps Sta-Rite PLBC Series Pumps Sta-Rite Side Mount 1-1/2 Inch Multiport Valves 14964-0014 and WC212-143P Sta-Rite...

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