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A&A Basketball Deck Sleeve, 522052

A&A Basketball Deck Sleeve, 522052

Mfg #: 522052

SKU: ANA-90-2052

UPC: 818965014716

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A&A Basketball Deck Sleeve, 522052

Recommended Installation to include Deck Ring & Lid.

The A&A Basketball Deck Sleeve, 522052, is a deck sleeve designed for use with an A&A in-floor pool basketball hoop system. The deck sleeve is used to secure the basketball hoop in place and provides a stable and secure base for the hoop.

The A&A Basketball Deck Sleeve is made of durable materials that are designed to withstand regular use in a pool setting. The sleeve is easy to install and is designed to fit most standard-sized in-floor pool basketball hoop systems. It is also designed to be flush with the pool deck, providing a seamless and sleek look.