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Balboa BP7 Control Box Bundle With TP600 Topside Control, 50-BP7-600-40K

Balboa BP7 Control Box Bundle With TP600 Topside Control, 50-BP7-600-40K

Mfg #: 50-BP7-600-40K

SKU: 50-BP7-600-40K

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Balboa BP7 Series Control System 50-BP7-600-40-K

With 7 relays, the BP7 has 32 different setups and can power a spa with 1-4 pumps, including Microsilk systems.

The BP7 Series System Can Operate:

  • (1) 5.5 KW Stainless Steel Heater Assembly (M7 Heater Assembly Included)
  • (1) Two Speed Pump 120 Volt or 240 Volt
  • (1) Single Speed Pump
  • (1) Blower 120 Volt or 240 Volt
  • (1) Ozonator
  • (1) Spa Light

(If installing a circulation pump it must run at least 23 Gallons Per Minute)

The Balboa BP7 Series Control System Includes:

  • Control Pack (230 Volt Only)
  • Balboa Top Side Control Panel TP500 (Jets, Menu, Light, Aux, and Temperature Up (Warm) Temperature Down (Cool) Buttons.)
  • Balboa Stainless Steel Heater Assembly with M7 Flow / Temperature sensors
  • Light Housing Assembly (Excludes Light Lens or Bulb) (Can operate a standard light or LED light)
  • Panel Overlay
  • Top Side Control Panel Adapter Plate
  • Cords for Pumps, Blowers, etc. Sold Separately if Needed

BP7 Series Features and Benefits:

  • 7 Relays - The BP7 has 32 different setups and can power a spa with 1-4 pumps, including MicroSilk systems
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Supports all BP ancillary products (Control My Spa, Balboa Bluetooth Audio,
    Chromozon3 and Status Pro)
  • Supports all TP and SpaTouch topsides
  • Replaces failure-prone mechanical pressure/flow switch
  • Can be plumbed to either suction or pressure side of pump
  • 120/240V convertible power
  • Custom plastic enclosure
  • M7 flow/ temperature sensors
  • Rigorously tested
  • US & Canadian safety approvals

Thanks to a combination of Balboa engineering and patented M7 technology, we now offer the highest component reliability in the business with fewer returns and longer life expectancy than traditional non-M7 systems. At Balboa, innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing go hand in hand to deliver a quality, cost effective product that will provide years of reliable, headache-free service.

Patented M7 Technology Includes:

  • Smart Sensor Technology
  • Multiple High Limit Safety Systems
  • All Safety Functions always active
  • Both Sensors are Identical
  • Sensors monitor each other via software to regulate spa functions
  • Ensures a proper operating environment for heater element
  • No Sensor Installation in spa wall
  • No Pressure Switch problems

Heater Element and Tube:

  • Enlarged bend radius
  • No wire ties
  • Minimizes debris collection

Heater Tube:

  • No welds required
  • Front mounted
  • Easy access for service

The BP7 Series Contro System Can Be Used to Replace The Following Systems:

  • Balboa VS300
  • Balboa VS500Z
  • Balboa VS501Z
  • Balboa VS501SZ
  • Balboa VS503SZ
  • Balboa VS504SZ
  • Balboa VS510SZ
  • Balboa VS510DZ
  • Balboa VS511Z
  • Balboa VS511SZ
  • Balboa VS513Z
  • Balboa VS514SZ
  • Balboa VS515Z
  • Balboa VS515SZ
  • Balboa VS520Z
  • Balboa VS520SZ
  • Balboa VS520DZ
  • Balboa VS525Z
  • Balboa BP501G1
  • Balboa BP501G2
  • Balboa BP501G3


  • Designed to be installed by a professional spa or hot tub technician