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10 Step Pool Opening Guide

Published by Brooke Sardella on 03/02/2022

10 Step Pool Opening Guide

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1. Clean and Remove Cover

Use a broom to remove any debris built up over the cold season and then use a pool cover pump to suck up standing water on the cover.

Lay the cover out and clean it with cover cleaner and a soft broom, then allow it to dry. While you have it out, this is a great time to inspect it for repairs and patch it if necessary. Then, fold it up (preferably with a friend!) and store it in the container and area of your choice.

2. Skim the Surface

Use a skimmer net to clean the surface of the water of any debris.

3. Remove Plugs

The plugs you installed over the winter to prevent your pipes from freezing will need to be removed.

4. Reinstall Ladders and Hardware

Install all the accessories you have around your pool including ladders, railings, diving boards, slides, etc.

5. Add Water

Fill your pool to make up for any water loss during the winter. The water level should be approximately 3/4 of the way up your skimmer opening.

6. Setup Pump and Filter

Use thread seal tape to reinstall the drain plugs in your pump and filter. Make sure to lubricate the drain plug O-rings on each system such as the heater and chlorinator, to protect them, as well. If you see any damage to the O-ring such as cracking, replace it before operation.

Open the return valve slides on your pump and turn on your pump. Take a look at your filter and either wash it or replace it if necessary.

7. Use Pool Opening Kit

Use your preferred brand of opening kit such as this one from Enjoy. Then run your filter until the water is clear.

8. Vacuum Pool

Take your vacuum out of hibernation whether it is a robot, pressure cleaner, or manual model. Get all that dirt and debris off the bottom.

9. Balance Water

To test your pool's water, you can use test strips or testing reagents. It is also a good idea to take a water sample over to your local pool supply store (like E-Z Test!) to get an accurate reading.

Once you know what needs adjusting, you can reference the chemical list above to treat the water accordingly.

10. Filter 24 Hours

Now that more of the cleaning is taken care of, continue circulating the water for at least 24 hours to filter and mix the water.

Your pool should be clean and ready to swim in the next day. If you are still having issues with algae or cloudy water, make sure to reference our other articles on these issues. 

How to Open Your Pool For The Season: