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5 Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/04/2021

5 Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

Deciding to invest in an  above ground pool is great for you and your family to cool off during the hot summer months. Here’s 5 reasons to go with this type of pool:

Cost of a Swimming Pool

The cost of an inground pool ranges anywhere from $20,000 to $75,000 depending on the type and size. This price range can understandably be expensive for an average family. An above ground pool is dramatically less expensive at a range of $5,000 to $10,000. You can enjoy the same benefits of fitness, stress release, and most importantly, fun with your friends and family.

Installation Time

Above ground pools can usually be purchased, installed, and ready for use, in a very short amount of time depending on the time of year. In comparison, inground pools take more time as the project is typically more complex, involving heavy machinery, additional materials, and manpower.  Above ground pools can be setup and ready for swimming in as little one day. Investing in an inground pool usually also incurs costs relating to the surrounding hardscape and landscape. With an above ground pool, there is certainly additional features you could add, but you may also choose to elect to just place the pool within an already existing outdoor design and start using it.

Pool Space

If you are short on yard space, you are in luck. Limited room works well with above ground pools as there is limited digging and construction needed. These types of pools come in many round and oval sizes which are sure to work in just about any backyard area. We offer round sized pools from 12’ round all of the way up to 30’ round. Oval sizes can be purchased from 12’ x 18’ up to 18’ x 33’. Above ground pools require far less planning and can be setup in smaller areas when compared to inground models.

Pool Mobility

Inground pools are permanent most of the time and can definitely be costly especially when you factor in the costs of labor. If you decide to have an inground pool installed and then decide to sell your home and move, the pool would stay behind. On the other hand, if you decide to go with an above ground pool, these can be taken down and moved quite easily.  Above ground models would be broken down into pieces and then reassembled at the new location.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance and upkeep are important issues to consider as well. Keeping an above ground pool clean and running well is typically easier than an inground pool because all the  parts are easily accessible while nothing is hidden or a challenge to get to. Any issues are resolved quickly as the parts are right there to inspect and repair with ease. Dealing with an inground pool is completely different as the components and parts could be in the ground or at a point that is not easily accessible. This could incur more time and costs during any repair process.

Our team at E-Z Test Pool Supplies has many years of pool experience and would be happy to assist you in selecting the above ground swimming pool model that works best for you.