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5 Common Ways to Fix: Air Bubbles in Pool Pump & Filter System

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 05/17/2017

5 Common Ways to Fix: Air Bubbles in Pool Pump & Filter System

What happens when I see air bubbles in my pump basket?

How can I prevent air in my pool filter?

This is a common question that many swimming pool owners ask and the answer can be a quick fix or a major problem. Remember the problem lies from the pump forward. If you are taking in air you will be putting out air.

Here is a checklist that includes a few areas to check and why:

  1. The strainer o-ring gasket make sure it is not dried out cut or broken. “Lube Tube” is a great product to lubricate dry o-rings.
  2. Check the drain plugs on the pump. Are they threaded all the way in? Do they have Teflon tape on them?
  3. Check the pump housing for any visible cracks. Have someone shut the power off while you listen carefully down by the pump area for any air leaks when the pump shuts off.
  4. Check all clamps from the pump forward make sure they are tight. Pay attention to the first fitting coming out of the front of the pump make sure it is not loose. If it is, remove and use Teflon tape and then thread it back in hand tight plus 1/4 of a turn with with a wrench.
  5. If you have a ball valve in the front or a 3 way valve, check the o-rings here as well. Check the handle on both the ball valve and the 3 way valves as they loosen with age.

Remember the air is entering the system from the pump forward. Next post we will discuss the major problem area: i.e. a broken skimmer or main drain line.