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5 Steps to Prepare Your Pool For a Storm

Published by Brooke Sardella on 05/02/2022

5 Steps to Prepare Your Pool For a Storm

Once you create a plan to keep you and your loved ones safe during a storm or hurricane, it is time to secure your pool. You have invested a lot of time and money in creating an outdoor space worth protecting. With the simple steps below, you will be prepared to weather what Mother Nature has in store.

1. Turn Off & Secure Powered Pool Equipment

Prior to a storm, shut off the circuit breaker connected to your pool equipment such as the pump, lighting, motor, heaters, and chlorinators. This also includes shutting off gas to gas heaters!

If you can, remove motorized equipment and store it in a high place such as the second floor/loft of a shed. If you cannot find higher ground, you may place sandbags around your equipment or wrap them in waterproofing to keep water away.

After the storm, remember to inspect your equipment for damage. If you were unable to turn off power to the system before the storm and you suspect it has been submerged in water, call a professional to inspect it, as a mistake could lead to injury.


When a big storm hits, you may assume draining the pool would prevent it from flooding, but this is unnecessary since most pools are equipped with overflows to drain excess water. Totally draining your pool could actually damage the foundation or cause above-ground pools to collapse. Water adds weight and protects your pool by slowing down debris that may fall into it!

3. Shock Your Pool

Keeping water in your pool will actually make returning home easier. Before leaving your home, you can shock the water with extra chlorine and/or algaecide to keep at bay any contaminating organisms that may wash in. This will make it easier for the water to rebalance when you're ready to use it again.

4. Tie Up Loose Ends

In high winds, your favorite chair or umbrella can quickly become dangerous and damage your property or others. Before the storm hits, gather and store outdoor items such as patio furniture, toys, planters and pool, and gardening equipment in a secure place. If possible, take in your grill, making sure to never use it indoors and chaining propane tanks in an upright position outdoors.

Having a safety cover for your pool is one of the best and easiest ways to protect your pool from storm damage.

If you are short on time, you can carefully place objects such as plastic lawn chairs into the swimming pool, making sure not to damage the lining.

5. Ask For Help

Check with government agencies to prepare for natural disasters and stay up to date with current forecasts.

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