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A Comparison of Hammerhead Resort-21 and Service-21 Pool Vacuums

Published by Monique on 01/22/2024

A Comparison of Hammerhead Resort-21 and Service-21 Pool Vacuums

Hammerhead, a renowned name in commercial pool maintenance, offers two exceptional pool vacuums – the Resort-21 and the Service-21. In this blog, we'll conduct a thorough comparison to help you understand the unique features and benefits of each model, making your choice between the Resort-21 and Service-21 an informed one.

Purpose and Pool Size

The Resort-21andService-21models cater to different pool sizes and purposes. The Resort-21 is designed for larger commercial pools, such as those found in resorts and water parks. Its robust features and wide cleaning path make it ideal for expansive pool areas. On the other hand, the Service-21 is crafted for precision cleaning in smaller commercial pools and spas, ensuring thorough maintenance even in tight spaces.

Cleaning Performance

Both vacuums excel in cleaning performance but with distinct approaches. The Resort-21 boasts a powerful motor and a wide cleaning path, allowing it to handle larger debris and cover extensive pool surfaces efficiently. Its advanced cleaning technology ensures a comprehensive and effective clean for high-traffic pool areas. In contrast, the Service-21 focuses on precision with an agile navigation system, making it adept at navigating obstacles and tight corners in smaller pool environments.

Navigation Systems

The navigation systems of the Resort-21 and Service-21 are tailored to their respective purposes. The Resort-21 employs advanced mapping technology to optimize cleaning patterns for thorough coverage in large pool areas. It adapts to the unique layout of expansive pools, ensuring no spot is left untouched. Conversely, the Service-21's navigation system is designed for precision, maneuvering effortlessly through confined spaces and intricate pool designs.

Size and Portability

Size plays a crucial role in pool vacuum selection. The Resort-21 is substantial and robust, reflecting its capability to handle larger pools. Its size is an asset for covering extensive pool surfaces efficiently. On the other hand, the Service-21 is compact and agile, making it easy to navigate through smaller pools with tight spaces and intricate layouts.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Both models are designed for user-friendly operation and easy maintenance. Tool-free assembly and disassembly simplify the cleaning process for both the Resort-21andService-21, ensuring that pool operators can focus on maintenance tasks without unnecessary complications.


In choosing between theHammerheadResort-21 and Service-21 models, consider the size of your pool, the level of precision required, and the specific cleaning challenges you face. Whether you manage a sprawling resort pool or a more compact commercial facility, Hammerhead provides a solution tailored to your needs. Evaluate the features outlined above to make a confident decision and take your pool maintenance to new heights with Hammerhead excellence.