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Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

Published by Brooke Sardella on 06/16/2022

Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

After a season of pool fun, you have to start thinking of closing your pool for the winter. Above-ground covers by GLI have proven durability and quality to stand up to harsh freezing conditions and make pool opening easy in the spring.

We carry three different types of above-ground covers for the off-season with varying degrees of protection, starting with leaf nets and ending with solid winterization covers.

Mesh Covers

Mesh Covers made from a unique weave of polypropylene mesh block out algae producing UV rays and making springtime opening a snap. The tight mesh construction of this cover allows water to drain from the surface - filtering out dirt, leaves, and debris. The cover is nearly 50% lighter than a solid cover for easier installation, removal, and storage!

Solid Covers

Classic & Estate Covers are a perfect solid cover for winterizing your pool from harsh freezing conditions. Since they are solid, your water chemistry is protected and you won’t have to worry about draining the pool if it rains or snows too much. It will also keep your pool completely clean of dirt and debris. What sets it apart from other vinyl covers is its lightweight which makes installation and storage easy!

Leaf Nets

Leaf Nets are an accessory to your main winterizing cover and are lightweight, and strong and make pool opening easy by keeping debris out of your pool. They are placed on top of the main cover to catch fallen leaves, etc., and can even be used on top of your solar blanket in the early spring and fall!

Along with your GLI cover, you are going to want to use a pool pillow. The pillow sits on top of the surface and helps to absorb the pressure of freezing water. If you don’t use a pillow, your pool could be damaged by the expansion of ice; think of what happens when you put a bottle or can in the freezer!

With your pool pillow installed, the cover can then be laid on top and secured around the pool with a cable and winch. You can also add clips to secure the cover to the walls as well for an extra secure fit! Also, if you don’t have a mesh cover and find that rain or melted snow is creating a puddle on your covers you can pump it off easily with a cover pump.

Your pool is one of the largest investments in making your house a home, protecting it with a GLI cover will keep it protected and clean during the off-season. Shop GLI covers here.