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AquaBot Power Supply - SKPOWER06 (Formerly Known as A78103)

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/12/2020

AquaBot Power Supply - SKPOWER06 (Formerly Known as A78103)

The AquaBot Power Supply works with 7 different AquaBot pool cleaner models. This power supply is very convenient as it works with some of the most common models of Aquabot. A power supply is basically a transformer. It brings the power supply from your home that’s 120 volts down to a manageable number for the robot to use safely and securely when it performs its cleaning duties in the pool. This power supply does: 115-230 Volt / 48VDC.

It’s important to keep this and all other power supplies dry. Typically, they are water-resistant but not actually water proof. The Aquabot power supply can stand up to some moisture but it’s always a good rule of thumb to bring it in out of the rain.

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we realize that equipment breaks and accidents do in fact happen. A broken power supply does not mean that you need an entirely new setup as you can in fact just buy a replacement power supply. 

Bonus Tip: If this power supply flashes between the small and large pool buttons this is indicative of either the power supply cable, the robot's motor, or both of these things, and not the power supply itself. In this case, purchasing a new power supply will not solve the issue.

AquaBot Power Supply - SKPOWER06 (Formerly Known as A78103)

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help. Please reach out or stop into one of our retail locations today.

This AquaBot Power Supply works with the following AquaBot pool cleaners:

AquaBot Breeze XLS

AquaBot Rapids XLS

AquaBot Pura S2-4Xi

AquaBot Pura S2-5X

AquaBot Pool Rover S2-40

AquaBot Pool Rover S2-40i

AquaBot Pool Rover S2-50