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Aquador Winter Skimmer Covers

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/26/2020

Aquador Winter Skimmer Covers

Aquador Skimmer Cover

It all started in 1959. A swimming pool business in Pittsburgh, PA that was ran by Joan and Frank Hodak. Flash forward decades later to 1990 when Frank thought of the genius idea of a pool skimmer closure system that you simply snap-on. In 1992, after a U.S. patent was awarded to him, Aquador was born.

At the beginning there was only the super popular 1090 original mode. Now more than 30 years later there are eight models for all OEM skimmer sizes with both the lid and the faceplate as well as having the option to only purchase lids or faceplate and liner kits as is needed.

Aquador is guaranteed to be leak-free and just as it has always been, no glue or harmful silicone sealants are needed. Constructed from space age UV and chemical resistant plastic, these skimmer plates can withstand temperatures all of the way down to -80°F eliminating cracking. The plastic used, also eliminates any need to tighten the screws on the skimmer or return themselves. If you are using real tile in your pool it actually installs flush with the faceplate frames helping to achieve both a cleaner and a smoother look.

Strategic placement of the metal screws on the faceplate allow for the lid to cover them so that strong winterizing chemicals do not rust them out. The peripheral ridge on the face frame is also reinforced to stop any kind of cracking from happening that could be caused by the tension of the screws. These holes for the screws are also recessed resulting in a flush fit. The corners on the lids are round to prevent any kind of ice formation accidentally popping the lid off. The Aquador cover has also been designed with a sure-grip thumb tab to remove the lid which contrasts with other brands that have thin rings that break all of the time. The lid itself is domed, allowing for ice expansion and contraction preventing ice adhesion and the lid popping off like inferior brand;s models that seal on the inner face as opposed to the outer.

These covers literally are a “snap” while saving you time and money when winterizing your pool. Utilizing these covers takes away the need to drain the water out of your pool below the skimmer line which also helps to save thousands of gallons of water per year.

Be aware of knock-off products that are poorly constructed tending to leak and requiring the use of unsafe and sometimes toxic chemicals to bind the lid to the faceplate. Check out the two most popular sizes below and click on "Shop Now" to see all products from Aquador. Questions? Contact Us Here.

Aquador Skimmer Cover

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Aquador Skimmer Cover

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